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Break taboos
Start date: Dec 10, 2009,

The Youth Exchange "Break Taboos" will gather group of young people from (age 18-25) coming from different countries - meaning different social, political, religious backgrounds. The delegations are coming from EU family (Romania, Portugal) and non - EU countries (Macedonia, and Kosovo). During those 9 days of the Exchange they will learn a lot - about sex and gender issues, sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS, contraception, unwanted pregnancies etc. And all of this information is going to be presented as non-formal education throw role-plays, theatre, interactive workshops etc. The participants will explore the medical science and knowledge; and also they will work on their personal relation to these specific issues and to their relations to other young people. They will explore their own place in the society and the level of their social activism directly connected to these issues. By using non-formal methods of learning we will motivate the all the participants to interact and to raise ideas of diversity of cultures; to develop an intercultural learning ; to promote intercultural dialogue -all of that in order to fight intolerance, and discrimination of any kind, but with main focus on gender, sex and reproductive health issues.This Exchange will encourage the establishment of new contacts and new relationships between the young people that are active in the youth field; and in at the same time will promote cooperation among them. Through the exchange we will encourage the creativity of all participants; by making the final result - educational role play in which the participants will include educational messages through various types of performances; all participants will be included; we expect from them to so the same role plays back home in their working environment. The project will also promote intercultural learning and recognizing different cultures.
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