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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BREAK ALL THE BARRIERS ; START FRESH CAREERS In the 21st century, in the light of technological developments, the competencies of communities that they have acquired on the information and the process of obtaining information are vital. In the process of our country's being a part of the information society, our institution - aiming its students to be individuals who research and investigate - created its strategic plan, covering the years of 2015 and 2019, on this context. For this purpose, the KA1 School Education Staff Mobility project that our institution applied in 2014 Call For Proposals period has been accepted and it is still being carried out. We - as an institution - see the 2015 Call For Proposals of KA1 School Education Staff Mobility, which is thought to contribute to our institution's being an international institution besides being a national one, as the continuation of this process started in 2014. The project creativity team, whom we think that they have a key role in the processes of application of the project, the management and the economy of the project, the ending of the project and the sustainability of the project with the local facilities determined the needs belonging to our staff and our institution in 3 main fields ( Corporate Management, Education, Physical-Social Development ) with the ways of SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and various surveys. With the aid of the project - if applied - when these need areas determined are considered, it is thought that our institution and our staff will go forward and the project will contribute to the process of our institution's being a multilingual, multicultural and international organization. Accordingly, at the end of the project; 1) Our administrative staff will have the awareness on the human resources management and integrate the best practices they will have experienced to the functioning of our institution. 2) The latest teaching methods and strategies and the ways to benefit from the technology in teaching foreign languages, of which the importance has increased especially with the changes in Turkish National Education System called 4+4+4, will be acquired and applied in our institution. 3) The competencies will be increased with the aim of teaching in the heterogeneous groups in an effective way including the students who have different learning styles. 4) The information, knowledge and the experiences our staff already have on the classroom management will be increased. 5) To develop the mental processes such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation of our students, the project-based teaching and learning system will be applied in various classes. 6) It will be taken advantage of different strategies in teaching science and natural sciences. 7) The motivation will be brought to the upper levels in the process of improving the learning environments. 8) Our staff will increase his/her knowledge and equipment about the habits of healthy eating and fitness of our students. 9) Our staff will obtain the awareness about managing the adolescence which is accepted as one of the most problematic period in the developmental stages of our students. 10) The best practices seen in Europe will be integrated to our institution's syllabus. 11) Our staff will create a motivation about the art education for our students by blending the technology and the art. With the aim of satisfying the needs of areas that have been determined according to the Europe's 2020 growth strategy, 8 of our all staff - all of them having participated in local and national training activities in their fields, some of them having participated in Comenius and Grundtvig training activities carried out by European Commission before and having a graduate degree or still continue a garduate program - have been chosen in line with the criteria such as willingness, motivation and knowledge of foreign language etc. and are expected to benefit from our project directly by carrying out 11 mobilities and predicted to develop their personal portfolios and contribute to the process of our institution's becoming an transnational organization. In addition, our project will have a good indirect impact on not only the other staff working in our institution and our students but also the development process of the social environment where our institution is located. In line with the medium-term goals of our institution, the project's period has been appointed for 24 months. With the process of the acceptance of our project, the action plan prepared by the project creativity team and confirmed by our school administration will start to be applied and any precautions against any kinds of risks that may occur during the period of project will be taken.

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