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Discrepancies between education, training programs and labour market´s requirements increase the risk of school failure in the vocational technical school from milling and bakery sector because the iVET students have restricted opportunities. While the EU objective for reducing the early school leave rate is 10%, all the partners from this project are dealing with higher rates, Spain 26,5%, Turkey 46.6%, Bulgaria 12,8%, the highest ones being among the vocational-technical schools. This project overall aim is to address the problems that the pupils from technical school from milling and bakery have to face in order to maintain themselves in school, identifying the opportunities offered by this industry as a future employer, increasing the students´ interest for this field and the awareness and motivation to prevent and reduce the early school leaving phenomenon, promoting also the integration of iVET students with this risk in the milling and bakery industry by internship stages.The partnership is composed by organizations which complement each other in terms of implementing project's activities and sharing the common challenge of reducing the early school leave from vocational technical school from in milling and bakery sector.The innovative result in which this proposal is based, will be the transferred methodology used at the “Socio economic analysis of sector of canned seafood in the EU”,(product of the “Eurosea” project), from the canned seafood sector to the milling and bakery sector. This will permit to share similarities and make a transfer of common content in the food industry. The transfer of the product will be focused on a specific target group: iVET students from vocational technical schools from milling and bakery at particular risk of ESL and will have a special focus on national realities, and social and personal profiles of the target group.The project will achieve as main tangible results: production of a study reflecting the future opportunities that iVET students have in the milling and bakery industry; a project website containing all the relevant materials of the project; a methodology for a partnership between industry- vocational education, put into practice through a contest.The intangible results will be the increase of the iVET students interest for this field and the awareness and motivation increasing of the stakeholders to prevent and reduce early school leaving phenomenon.The impact that this project aims is to successfully match the problems faced by the early school leave in the technical vocational schools from milling and bakery with the solutions offered by the labour market in the field, with direct benefits for the iVET students, while the various stakeholders will increase their awareness upon the social, economical, cultural and personal consequences of the early school leaving phenomenon and of the importance to prevent it.
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