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Branding design a branding floristiky v Německu
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The intention of the proposed project is for secondary school students receiving education in school programs Branding Design & Branding Floristry to develop, expand and deepen creative and professional skills as well as the knowledge and experience from abroad, the real working environment of foreign companies and gain insight into the performance and work efficiency and increase their competitiveness in the labor market. In addition to the gaining of practical skills and consolidation of professional knowledge will be further aim to improve the key competences (personal, social, communicative and language).The applicant and as well as sending organization in the project is the Secondary School of Visual Creativity, Ltd. and the foreign receiving partner organization is FDF Niedersachsen, Germany. The professional project partner is the professional organization, the Association of Branding Design, which is a professional organization in the CR. The internship of six students in Germany is planned in the length of two weeks. The internship consists of two cycles. The first one will be for 3 students of Branding floristry and the second one for 3 students of Branding Design.Students of Branding floristry will learn during the two weeks of the first cycle new techniques and procedures, usage of the materials, and the formulation of proposals for arrangements, together with the creation of their price. They will acquire the skills and knowledge to create floral gift occasional art works such as bouquets, arrangements etc.Participants of the second cycle will independently perform two weeks of relevant work in a marketing department of companies, in a graphic studio or printing office eventually in a publishing house of professional journal and literature. All participants will practice communicating in a foreign language and expand their vocabulary. Very helpful tool to ensure the content of an internship was the introduction of a definition of units of learning outcomes of ECVET. School educates students in four-year graduation specialization 82-41M/05 Graphic Design according to two own educational programs, which are Branding Floristry and Branding Design. The part of the training is an individual vocational training in professional firms, companies and workplaces.Foreign partner organization FDF Niedersachsen, Germany is the regional representative of the FDF. FDF will provide us with excellent professional workplaces in Bremen. FDF represents the interests of its members, in different parts of Germany FDF helps members with marketing, participates in publishing professional literature and specialist periodicals, enhances the image of its members-supports branding. Business, marketing and management, creativity, aesthetic principles and knowledge of materials and techniques are the pillars of the professional profile members of the FDF. The project will be implemented from 1.6.2016 to 31.5.2017, the realization of the internships is planned in the first cycle from 24.9. to 8.10.2016 and in the second cycle at 18.3-1.4.2017. Each student will work independently during the internship in the first-class foreign workplace in Bremen.In June 2016 will take place logging on the selection and choice of participants of internship and signing a contract with the internship participants. Until the end of June the coordinator of the project will guarantee requirements for the signing of a contract between the school and the National Agency and the Europass certificate registers at NUV. Preparation of selected participants will continue since June. Executives of our school will provide accommodation for participants and accompanying persons for each cycle. In 06-07 2016, the three-day preparatory visit will take place - meeting with FDF in Bremen. Before leaving for an internship coordinator of the sending organization provides participants and accompanying person with a travel insurance. After returning from the placement will take place processing of the results and impacts of the project, evaluating the fulfillment of the objectives and benefits of the results of the internship, spreading of results in lessons at vocational school and at events of an Association of Branding Design.Dissemination will continue after the end of the project period at events of the association in lessons. Knowledge and experience from international internship will provided to our partners and disseminated and consolidated into the educational system at secondary school. We will place them permanently into thematic plans. The results obtained in the project will be spread in lessons in the following months and years. The results will be disseminated to all students at the school with a national impact. We will try to keep sustainability of the project results with relation of the needs of school students. The results of the project we will be shared with a foreign partner who will distribute them at events FDF in Germany.

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