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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"BOULPAT" is a project aimed at 28 sixth-year students in vocational education, following the training "Bakery/Pastry" , Hospitality and Food sector. This project will have a duration of two years. The Belgian schools concerned are L'IPES in Hesbaye (host intermediate partner is the M.E.P Europrojects in Granada) and l'Institut Sainte-Marie in Châtelineau (host intermediate partner is Esmovia in Valencia). Abroad internships will have a duration of 3 weeks in full immersion in Spanish. Training places will be family bakeries and pastry shops respectful of tradition.Pastry / bakery industry is a fast growing sector and unemployment is rare. However, it's a physically demanding job. A baker-pastry chef has to work at weekends, at night and during the holidays. He must be fascinated and creative, curious and on the look-out for the new trends in consumption.It is very important for a baker-pastry chef to know how to organize and manage his work, to develop managerial skills and to show physical resistance.Spain was chosen as a host country partner for the specificity of their regional products. Besides, language courses are not part of the students’ training session. Acquiring basics in Spanish (vocabulary connected to their job and basic vocabulary for daily life) can help students reconcile with foreign languages in approaching a Latin language closer to French than English.Both host partners were selected on the basis of the wide network of public and private partner companies with which they are involved, the multilingual team, the very good fame and the big experience regarding European projects (youth and adult mobility).The project is targeting the following results:- Arousing the students’ curiosity for products and processing techniques they are not aware of;- Approaching a foreign language (Spanish)- Gaining qualifications for a better image in the professional sector; - Integrating (students’ and adults’) European mobility into the school projects to give the training a European dimension;- Establishing sustainable links between sending and host partners and the CCGPE; - Leading other schools to join the consortium during the 2018 call to increase its scope.The internship will favor self-assessment, the development of the students’ social capital, their autonomy and their opening to another culture. Linguistic preparation will be provided by both sending and host partners. Cultural preparation will be taken care of history and geography teachers. The CPMS (medico-psycho-social center) will help the participants to better prepare psychologically for being far away from home, for the unknown and for group life.The realization of the internship itself will benefit from the presence of coaches sent by the sending partners, who will make the connection between trainees and host partners. They will be responsible for internship evaluation, the learning outcomes (on the basis of the grid of competences drafted by the whole consortium) as well as the integration of the results in the Belgian program of every beneficiary.Extending knowledge and educational practices, developing the quality of education by innovation and creativity will allow the students to find motivation in their learning. The discovery of educational practices applied in other education systems and exchanges between teachers of partner countries will favor the emergence of a European educational space.What all members of the Consortium are aiming for, is a sustainable collaboration between both Belgian and foreign partners.
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