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Boosting entrepreneuriship through intergenerational exchange
Start date: Nov 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BE THE CHANGE wants to develop a methodology capable to promote entrepreneurship competences and skills, through intergenerational learning, based on non-formal and informal education approach, with the goal to trigger entrepreneurial attitude among NEETs by the sharing of knowledge with older people. Moreover the project wants to provide guidelines and recommendation on how to valorize, evaluate and recognize the acquired skills through non-formal and informal path.Ageing is recognized as today and tomorrow challenge, by 2025 more than 20% of Europeans will be 65 or over, with a particularly rapid increase in the number of over 80s. Older people represents a very important source of know how and experience gained through their working as well as personal life, which is a stake that is worth to be shared with other generations. The aim is to valorize this know how and do not waste it, since it represents the starting point for the positive improvement and possibility to change for the young people. NEETs today in Europe account 14 milion people - the 15,4% of the population - between 15 and 30 years old are not working or studying or doing a traineeship for many and different reasons.THROUGH THE PROJECT, WE AIM AT DESIGNING A MODEL TO TEST HOW WELL THE MEDIUM OF INTERGENERATIONAL LEARNING, FOSTERED BY EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND BY ANALYTICAL, SIMULATIVE, RELATIONAL AND NARRATIVE TECHNIQUES, CAN LEND ITSELF TO BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR DEFINING NEW TRAINING AND LEARNING MODELS TO DEVELOP ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN NON-FORMAL AND INFORMAL CONTEXTS.The consortium components are active since many years in their respective areas of interest which cover all the project different facets: later life studies, intergenerational learning, educational provisions and recognitions of learning outcomes, entrepreneurship and adult education as a whole. Also Europe is well represented from a geographical point of view: South (Italy, Malta) Continental Europe (Germany, Slovenia) East (Hungary).The project Leader P1 - INRCA is a Public Body with a longstanding experience in research on care, health prevention and social inclusion of older people. The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice-P2 is experienced in intergenerational learning applied in entrepreneurship studies. The Association for Women’s Career Development (MNKSZ)- P3 in Hungary brings a valuable additional approach drawing from the experience of female entrepeneurs. The AWO agency - P4 promotes education, health and the well-being of immigrants in Germany. UPI - P5 is an adult education center in Slovenia with a high number of learners of various age and type. P6 University of Malta - Faculty of Education - is extensively committed towards Inclusive Education since the early 90’s and has established a Department in Inclusion and Access to Learning.Therefore the project, to achieve its main result, will produce the following outcomes:1. Open educational resources for entrepreneurship through intergenerational learning2. Tools for the Open Educational Resources3. BE THE CHANGE guidelines for a strategy of recognition of non-formal competences.Partners will all share the work and activities according to their main knowledge and experiences, improving each other performance.The main project steps will be:- An initial framework analysis that will be needed to tailor the design and realization of the materials, contents and tools for training older participants.- The materials needed for the training as a coach of the mentors.- The training path for the NEETs.- A standard with the set of guidelines and recommendations capable to implement validation and recognition of non-formal and informal competences acquired through the training.- Open and free access modules translated in the partnership languages.- Foster older people participation in society, through the enhancement of their quality of life, the facilitation of their wellbeing and giving effective answer to their needs. - Boosting participation of NEETs .The project impact will be based on the development of a methodology aiming to boost competences of elderly people and NEETs through a path of intergenerational learning of entrepreneurship education.In the partners organizations the first impact will be in educational aspects, at the individual level and at professional level:- alignment of skills at the European level, - enhanced European cross sectoral professional networks, - improved competency in identifying sector of interest needs - improved project managementThe impact on target groups will be twofold:- ELDERLY PEOPLE will enhance their capabilities of capitalization of their know how, acquire new knowledge of self-narration, non-formal learning practices and mentoring in general. - NEETs will acquire skills in entrepreneurial attitude both soft and hard, they will start their re-integration in the social environment from a professional and personal point of view

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