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Boosting business integration through joint VET education (BBVET)
Start date: Jun 30, 2015, End date: Oct 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal is to make the first test bed for a joint VET-Education in the South Baltic Region. We believe in boosting business integration through joint educations. The project will use ECVET as a tool for validation. ECVET is today recognized and accepted by all the countries around the South Baltic but the authorities have no practical experience in using it. This project will give the national authorities hands on project how to use ECVET as validation tool. By working with international collaboration in joint VET Education we can help our SME´s to become more international by using trainees from another country as a link to expand their business and networks. The project will focus on an entrepreneurial approach for both students and companies. A common Labour market has now been revitalised in the South Baltic Sea region. The increased mobility of Labour calls for harmonised skills and dissemination of knowledge in and about the region. The new market conditions allow development of cross-border entrepreneurship involving a skilled and integrated Labour force in various spheres of business. Schools and other institutions providing vocational/adult training need to adapt to the new market conditions in order to give an adequate response to the market needs. The question of internationalisation of vocational education and training is not a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity. For the companies involved the project will create contacts for internationalisation, export and product development by forming a network of cluster where both the educational and business sector interacts together. Today ECVET exist and is recognize by all countries but up until today there are no practical experience in using this tool for either companies or schools. This project will bring the awareness and open up new opportunities including authorities, schools and companies that will lead to practical know-how about common validation methods. Expected Results: This will be the first international VET-Education in the South Baltic Region with 3 countries involved in each test bed, 3 countries in Mechatronics and 3 countries in new technology. Mechatronics will focus on the industry that is more traditional andeducation with main use of digital technics with focus on skills that can be applied in blue and green sectors. This project will identify models and find solutions for capacity building in how to team up in an international environment by using common work tools for teachers, students and companies. The method/curriculum that will be developed can be used in other areas/branches. The objective is to give practical experience to the authorities how to use ECVET as a validation tool. An international groupof experts will be formed in this project that will work together for a period of 2,5 years. The knowledge, practical experience and the capacity building in this international group can continue collaboration after that the project ends. This initiative will stimulate local business/SME´s to become more international using trainees from another country as a link toexpand their business. It will make it easier for Young talents to get experience cross-border and work in international student/teacher groups. The project will create a cluster of schools/companies/ECVET-specialists with the experience inworking hands on forming cross-border consortiums mixing both business and education. The project will produce a research report with recommendation on future actions in this area. The project will integrate methods for entrepreneurial thinking forboth schools and companies. It will create a common understanding of mobility in the South Baltic Region by trend mapping withthe industry about growing sectors for which areas where joint education can be applied with great success.

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