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Body language – Youth communication

The project got hearing impaired children from three different countries with three different sign languages involved with theatre, myths and dance as an alternative means of communicating. These activities focused on bridging communication barriers between students with and without hearing impairment. The projects were based on addressing the participants’ needs concerning the following issues: • Communication difficulties with others without hearing impairment, others with hearing impairment from a distance and youth from other countries without opportunities for mobility; • Importance of everyone’s inclusion in the activities; • Low self-esteem; • No common sign language. The participants were separated into three international six-member groups with two randomly selected members from each country. Each group was provided with a mobile phone capable of video conferencing and was responsible for each group member knowing how to use it. Each group created its own story from scratch, which emphasised the importance the collaboration between individual group members while they shared myths from their country. At the end of each day the groups and the workshop organisers discussed and reflected on the day’s activities. Feedback was then used to organise the following day. At the end of the project, participants put on a play influenced by the theatre workshops, entitled “..... ...p..” (Myths of Love).
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