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Boat Dismantling Insight by Generating Environmental and Safety Training

Europe has the largest concentration of recreational craft in the World made of materials such as Fibre-reinforced plastic, wood, PVC and neoprene. The life span ranges from 10 years for inflatable boats to 30 years for motorboats, and when it comes to the end of life of recreational craft there is no financial incentive to dismantle it, as the materials have no recyclable value leading sometimes to a dramatic increase in abandonments at sea and port. Some facilities, such as a car recycler, where the dismantling of recreational craft is a secondary activity and more often than not the skills, knowledge and expertise required to deal with the potentially hazardous and hard to recycle materials onboard are lacking. The Boat DIGEST project aimed to improve the Health, Safety and Environmental standards of recreational craft dismantling practices. It addressed skill gaps, while at the same time raised the awareness of end of life responsibilities and options for recreational craft owners and professionals. This was achieved through transferring innovative products, tools and training from previous research activities into vocational education and training for those involved with the dismantling of recreational craft and an awareness module which provides end of life guidance for those who own recreational craft.

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