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BOAL metodikos įtaka, kuriant harmoningą aplinką
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Gasčiūnai Basic school is a small school quite far from the city. Students arrive to school from the surrounding villages. A quarter of the students live in single-parent families, and the other part of students have no motivation for learning. They come to school depressed by social problems, full of negative emotions and express them in inadequate ways, communicating with friends and school staff. It is expected that solving the psychological and social problems, improve pupils' personal development aspiration and motivation for learning. They need specific and special methods in order to cope with stress, diverting energy, accumulated emotions in the right direction. Objectives of the project: * To improve the managerial competences: to use innovative methods to help students develop skills for future life and for teachers - organizing educational activities and on purpose to gain personal development. *Improve professional staff skills, using drama and theatrical elements in individual and group work. *Develop communication, collaboration, problem solving, negotiation, critical and creative thinking skills, improve the class’ microclimate, create a friendlier environment. *Improve communication, language competences, to stimulate interest in intercultural activities. *To create an interactive learning environment, accessible to teachers, students and school community. Project participants: school administration employee, an English teacher, leader of drama club, social educator, psychologist, primary school teacher or an IT teacher. School psychologist gives lectures for parents, teachers, consults for students, their parents and teachers. Social educator coordinate projects, leads the social skill lessons, lectures, organizes promotions, special educator collaborates with teachers, parents, consults. Deputy director of education coordinates after-school activities. Lithuanian language teacher leads drama group, the school community theatre "Žibintas". School administration employee will coordinate the application of the BOAL methodology in class and extracurricular activities and will be responsible for the financial activities of the project. The English teacher will coordinate the project activities at school, will communicate with the organizer of the project and solve organizational problems, a primary school teacher and leader of drama group will apply the gained knowledge in class and after-school activities, and share the best practices in school and beyond. Social educator and psychologist , will apply BOAL methodology in various educational contexts: in school projects, promotions, competitions, parents and students consults and organising preventive activities. Information Technology teacher will be responsible for the dissemination of information in cyberspace. At the end of the project staff, who participated, will share experiences with the project participants of the other countries, will evaluate the project's benefit gained during its activities and will provide partnership for future projects. Participants in the project will improve communication skills, language competences, interest in intercultural activities. The entire project will be carried out in dispersion. Information will be presented in the regional press, school and Joniškis’ municipality websites. Information will be available to the entire school community, the public and other interested organizations wishing to participate in the Erasmus+ program. The project participants will share their experiences about participating in the project abroad, will develop and provide the accumulated material (ideas, photos, videos, lesson plans, assessment and self-assessment forms), lectures to members of the school community, disseminate experiences to other schools in the district and the region. Project participants will collaborate with colleagues, integrate the BOAL methodology in school strategy and operational programs.

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