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Blended Learning Car Mechatronic

Summary of the projectThe objective of the project is to develop certain parts of an open, pan-European learning concept for apprentices in the areas of Car Mechatronics, Automobile Electronics and Car Mechanics. There is a wide range of people and institutions that are involved in this project: Scientists, automotive-experts, computer-specialists, apprenticeship institutions, vocational schools, chambers and last but not least the apprentices themselves. The alliance will develop an online module within two years which will be open for every apprentice in Europe. In the context of the Leonardo Da Vinci programme, the European Union is likely to subsidy the project. In addition to this project, we are planning an exchange programme which will enable apprentices to visit apprenticeship institutions and vocational schools in the partner countries for a period of 3 to 5 weeks. Promoter of the project is the Chamber of Crafts for the region of Oberfranken (Bavaria) in Bayreuth. Furthermore, there are partners from other countries that are well known for their automotive industry (France, Italy) involved. Due to this fact, we are looking for additional partners in the Czech Republic that are willing to take part and to support our idea. Starting date for the programme is the 1st of October 2005. The project will end in September 2007.Any of the following institutions can become a partner: - chambers - vocational schools- apprenticeship institutionsTheir tasks would include:- participation in transnational group meetings- participation in the development of the content- conducting pilot tests
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