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Blackburn Primary School 1+2 Languages Development Project
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Blackburn Primary School 1+2 Languages Development Project will train one teacher in language and methodology to embed Spanish into the school and to develop training to enable all staff members to implement national and local government policy.With the Scottish Government's intention to fully implement their policy, Language Learning: a 1+2 Approach by 2020,which adopts the European Union's strategy of introducing additional languages to children at an early stage and embedding these within meaningful contexts, across the curriculum and in a less rigid way. West Lothian Council have developed their own implementation plan requiring; firstly, that all schools, through their Secondary School cluster groups, and, secondly, identify lead learners who will receive training in specific modern European languages. On completion of appropriate training these staff members will then disseminate their learning, new methodology and resources and share these within their own school, their cluster and the authority through meetings and online forums. Blackburn Primary School is at the very early stages in developing their policy on the 1+2 Approach. They have identified a member of staff who has an interest and natural competence in this area and have identified a suitable training opportunity for her, an immersion course in Spanish, which will provide her with the language skills, new teaching approaches and materials to become the school's lead learner. Miss Carson has worked closely with the school's senior management team to develop a draft outline for this project, detailing a programme of personal study, development of materials, sharing of information to all stakeholders, staff training, teaching and learning for pupils in the upper stages of the school and has identified ways to begin to evaluate this project and its impact.The aims identified are to improve the teaching and learning of languages by introducing and developing a strong European dimension in the school through the use of new and engaging teaching methods, new resources and an increased opportunity to use active, context based learning and ICT to enhance pupil's experiences. Our vision is to widen the children's limited view of their place within Europe and to equip them with skills for learning, life and work that may ultimately lead to employment in an European country. There will be an opportunity to find partner school's by liaising with the course provider and developing an e-twinning aspect to the project. This potential link with a partner school in another European country can only enhance our pupils' knowledge and skills and put their learning of languages into a real-life context.As a result of this project all members of staff will be trained in new ways to teach a language in their classroom, provided with materials, advice and support from Miss Carson. Pupils will have opportunities to learn not only the Spanish language, but aspects of its culture through more engaging learning activities using a range of materials and accessing ICT to link with pupils from a partner school. Miss Carson will be equipped to engage in professional dialogue, sharing ideas, methodology and materials with teachers from our cluster group, the local authority and nationally through online forums and teacher meeting events.The overall impact of this project will be the development of a new approach to learning and teaching modern European languages that can be adopted and used by all staff within Blackburn Primary School. Spanish language and culture will be embedded in the upper stages of the school, with pupils, staff, parents and the wider community engaging in special events, raising the awareness of the European dimension.
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