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Bizde Farmakoterapi Avrupa'da Psikoterapi
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The students of the “60. Yil” Anatolian Health Occupational High School were taught a course on psychological and psychiatric nursing care and the application of the course was conducted in the hospital of Bingol province. Through their concrete experience in the psychiatry clinic of the hospital, the students realized that the methods of treatment of the patients were just medication-oriented and not adequate enough. They shared this situation with their instructor. By establishing working groups under the coordination of the instructors, the students investigated this problem further by literature research. At the end of the research, the students found out that especially in European countries psychiatric patients were cured by the more influential psycho-social treatment methods. The results were shared by the high school principal.With this initiative started by the students, it was decided to establish a team for field work experience of the psychological and psychiatric nursing care practices in Europe and to apply for Erasmus Plus Program.Psychiatric nursing is a special field in which the theories on human behavior are applied and behavioral and cognitive skills are prioritized. In order to provide protection from psychological illnesses, the nurse is the person who have the knowledge and skill to establish good relations with people and who can train and advise the patients, understand and evaluate the behaviors of the patients, comprehend their psychological needs, provide the necessary care, guidance, rehabilitation and support to the patients. Nevertheless, the studies on this field demonstrate that nurses are not adequate in terms of psychiatric nursing practices. Thereby, the nurses working in the medical institutions which provide psychological treatment services and in continual contact with patients need to be trained by regular and comprehensive training programs that can update them and develop their knowledge and skills. Every physical illness and medical operation brings with itself also a psychological crisis. It creates various struggles from depression, the fear of loss, the feeling of inadequacy to worries of future and independence. The illness not only impacts the physical body but also emotions, thought and social relations. Hence, it is necessary to construct a connection between physical treatment and nursing and psychological nursing and treatment. In this connection, the key person is psychiatric nurses. Since we live in a disadvantaged region due to various reasons, we aim to learn and apply the newly developed and conducted nursing treatment methods. Since the students of our school are composed of the locally residing students who after graduation continue to live in the region, their technical and professional development will contribute to the development of medicine practices in the province of Bingol in the long-run.
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