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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this Project, which is carried out by Trabzon branch of the Turkish Red Crescent Youth Wing, consist of 7 basic principles (Humanitarian assertion, Neutrality, Independence, to non-discrimination, voluntary service, unity and universality).Our aim is to share our activities The Red Cross or associations equal to it, and to produce collective projects by comparing our Works.Moreover; creating different business sectors with our partner and taking part in activities in their work areas such as blood donation or volunteer services they have performed, including the provision of mutual transfer knowledge and experience will contribute to the formation of different projects. Our Project is creating a dialogue with young people come from different backgrounds and cultures who opposed to all attitudes leading to exclusion prejudice, racism.It is also an , intercultural youth exchange project. The idea of why we need to perform our Project in Italy is that the idea of the Red Cross was born after Solferino fight which took place in Northern Italy. In this battle wounded people died from not taking some simple help; so Jean Henry DUNANAT prepared a book. That book has been leading to the formation of such a fraternal association. Our project involves 24 participants as volunteers.The project studies were prepared mutually to take the maximum efficiency.Some of our participants are underprivilaged and not gone abroad before, and have lack of dialogue;another aim of us is to Exchange information with them?We will take advantage from all act?v?t?es.We will introduce various field of activity, information training meetings will take place.We have great expectations.It ?s ?ntended at the end, all these studies carr?ed out w?ll be ben?f?c?al for the participant countries; participants' knowledge, skills and behavior will emerge positive developments.When our Project result;to intoduce it project demonstrations pres conferences and radio programmes will be held.Booklets ?ntroduce our Project will be created and our Project w?ll be introduced and told at schools at un?versities.These act?v?t?es will be benificial for the presentation of our project.

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