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Start date: Aug 10, 2015, End date: Jun 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

TOUCH ONCE GAIN LIFES Our project can call the healthy worker rights community for young athletes and young people, a dialogue between young people will be configured in accordance learn and be able to demand and consequently contains a political proposal. Turkey forms a large part of the population especially the youth population. Turkey Statistical Institute, 2013 Age and Sex among young people 14-30 years of age compared to the population data we have 21545.849. In this context, according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in our country we have 5,602,187 licensed athletes and sports clubs removing many more licenses than this number of athletes and sport in the hall. However, the young athletes associated with the biggest audience. In this respect; Badminton Federation of Mountaineering and we are members of the association decided to intervene in the issue of accidents occur in the local and national level without first aid in the settlement process and we observe that the representation of young people. However, especially in the event of a heart attack on the mountain climbing athletes who our friends lost their lives unconscious-uncertified results first aid, coma in sports accidents, heart attacks, trauma and fractures, we have observed that a large number of athletes that maimed and died again. Provinces of Youth and Sports Commission should young people the main goal of our project and take part in provincial first aid commission, as well as Sports Federations, has focused on Youth and Sports Ministry and the representation in the Ministry of Health organizations and policy-making. In this way, our project will last 10 months; Our 1st aim;81 provinces for the political empowerment of young people represent the future of talent, the awareness among young people, is to ensure the creation of basic knowledge and seeking instructions. Our 2nd aim;Determined by the strengthening of road maps with the peak of this awareness, the youth with local and national step provincial youth and sports committee and the provincial first aid is to allow the representation of the Commission. And the 3rd aim;Parliament, the Youth and Sports Ministry and coach in Sports Federation regulations, provided the creation of the first aid certificate required for referees and athletes to take and Sportsman license regulations within the framework of the Ministry of Health legal first aid in case of fee for coaches and referees are targeted to demand changes or exemptions. National level, particularly Parliament, including relevant ministries and institutions of the legal basis for the inclusion of the great potential of young athletes improve decision-making and promoting the local level will be provided. In our project will be included 35 people who want to be our associates as practitioners and participants in this context . Especially these 35 people will take training of trainers, and athletes rights in our project, and will have an important development related to the EU. 100 people who will participate from each province related to summit are going to realize rights and participation process with youth and sports first aid commission about problems for the sport as a significant risk of death among young people with common first aid during a 4-day summit.Our project will use the gallery-walk method and group work methods to ensure the active participation of all participants. Also,on the field study will be applied non-formal education methods and community-based local effects. During the peak of our project both local and national decision-makers, as well as' in every first aid commission a young "campaign will create an important place. During the summit; Prime Ministry, Parliament, Ministry of Interior, Youth and Sports Ministry, the Ministry for EU Affairs, Ministry of Health, Sports Federations, Eskisehir Province, Eskişehir Odunpazarı, Tepebaşı, Sivrihisar, Seyitgazi, Takayama, Beylikova, Double District District Governor, the Mayor and Director of Education, Eskişehir Trade and Chamber President, Eskişehir EU Information Centre, Anadolu University, Osmangazi University will be present in different sessions. 4 sessions will be held during the Summit; The project results, the provincial first aid and youth and sports committee participants made reference to the official membership in focus, to making visits to the commissioners and decision-makers before the application is aimed to give information about campaigns and projects. Thus, in the context of the problems experienced by young athletes will take part in first aid and youth and sports commission commission a young perspective and will be accompanied by the protection of the rights of young people in the evaluation. As our project dissemination activities in six districts will receive training, youth councils and after the pre-peak, non-governmental organizations, community leaders and evaluation meetings and trainings.
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