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Bioinnovation and Entrepreneurship: a Knowledge Alliance for biotech entrepreneurship education
Start date: 01 Oct 2013,

The goal of BIOINNO - a Knowledge Alliance in biotechnology - is to develop an effective route to entrepreneurship education to ready the next generation of talents to turn ideas into action and to develop entrepreneurial capacities and mindsets.BIOINNO proposes new learning and teaching methods that rely on structured programmes to improve mobility between its partners from Industry and Academia and increase knowledge sharing through: courses in entrepreneurship specifically designed for under and postgraduate students, internships designed to better benefit both entrepreneurship students and SMEs; cross-border mobility and short-term exchanges of educators and researchers.BIOINNO will provide the educational prerequisites needed to enable students to develop their own-ideas and build self-confidences, and to foster the successful birth and development of innovation-driven ventures in Europe. This will be achieved during the twenty-four months collaborative education pilot project through elite entrepreneurial programs, starter seminars, crash courses, internships, online and offline networking, business plan competition and incentive systems involving 5 EU countries with appropriate localization for language, socio-cultural and context factors.The consortium consists of 8 partners (3 prestigious universities, 1 European business university network, 1 Development Agency, 1 Innovation Centre grouping academic spin-off and research institutions, 1 research and innovation company, 1 Marketing company).Surveys and interviews will assess needs and impact of creativity competencies on entrepreneurship. Findings will be used to better formulate and design entrepreneurship teaching courses, which will be validated through pilot activities.The project outputs/products/results will be an innovative model for teaching entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector, training and networking modules and the entrepreneur's guide to a biotech start up.
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