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Biodiversity Education and Awareness to Grow a Living Environment

Research has shown that learning out of the classroom can provide motivating andrelevant learning experiences for school students. This research has also identifiedthat because of a lack of teacher training, practical curriculum based out of classroomopportunities and resources, many of the current out of classroom programmes do notresult in high quality learning and do not exploit the potential of a European dimension inareas such as environment and sustainable development. Our project addressesthese needs. The overall goal of our BEAGLE biodiversity project is to improve thequality of learning outside the classroom and enhance students' motivation to learn, sothat the capacity of people to live sustainable lifestyles and bring about a moresustainable environment is strengthened. To achieve this our partnership of sixorganizations, all involved in teacher training, from six countries will develop a shorttraining programme for teachers and then provide the opportunity for students to takepart in a pan European Biodiversity Observation Project leading to a practically focusedBiodiversity Challenge. We shall produce a number of other resources such asidentification keys to support out of classroom learning. These key activities andoutputs will all be based on the BEAGLE website, which will be part of the site managed by the University of Bergen for the Ministry of Educationin Norway. The website will be in all partner languages.Our pedagogical approach is to create motivating, meaningful and relevant learningexperiences for young people. Our approach will encourage student centred and peerto peer learning. Our project will have a large impact on the quality of learning resultingin more motivated students with the capacity to relate school based learning with reallife decision making, especially in the area of sustainable development and biodiversityprotection. Our project impact is sustainable and will also be exploited through thewider publication of the materials we shall produce and the guaranteed sustainability ofthe BEAGLE website on
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