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Bio-sensor for Effective Environmental Protection and Commercialization - ENhanced (BEEP-C-EN)
Start date: Oct 1, 2009, End date: Sep 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The objective of BEEP-C-EN is the integration of innovative biosensor research and technology and their exploitation by industry and/or other socio-economic entities in the fields of environment and agro-industry. The first target application is the detection of pesticides, heavy metal and organic compounds in water. The aim is building up a biosensor modular industrial platform, which can be easily adopted for multi-parameter/multi-sensor design and production. It consists of a series of electrochemical-optical sensors and microsystems suitable for various biomediators (microrganisms, DNA, proteins or cells) and based on new technologies studied and developed by the research performers in the consortium. The transduction approach is suggested by two main biomediator properties, often exploited in biosensor operation in response to analyte or modification of a physical-chemical condition: the variation of the bioluminescence/fluorescence emission and the internal electrical behaviour. These changes when transduced to readable electrical signals can give complementary information: the modification of a current signal is correlated to the electrogenic property of the biomediator (e.g. inhibition of Photosystem II electron transfer in the presence of a pesticide), while a modificaton of fluorescence is often correlated to a conformational modification (e.g. interaction of Photosystem II protein with ionizing radiation). The specific proposed devices are: 1) MultiLights: modular optical transducer for autonomous measurements of bioluminescence/fluorescence of several biomediators assembled in series; 2) MultiAmps: modular electrochemical transducer for measurements of current and voltage variations; 3) MultiTasks: a multitransduction biosensor based on simultaneous and autonomous measurement either of bioluminescence either of current variations."
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