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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is intended for 25 teachers from different branches working in Ilıcalar Regional Secondary Boarding School in Bingöl. Within the context of the project, the participants are planned to participate in the training based on sample practices in educational technology, regulating the educational activities in line with the needs of the environmental conditions/students, school-environment relations, student psychology, parents psychology and student recognition. The project mobility activities planned as 2 flows for one week will be carried out in the institutions in the countries of Germany. The objectives of the project: to support teachers and make them active in creating environment and opportunities they can use the potential of the students, To increase the teachers' role in that the students receive education in happy, free and productive environments, to increase samples showing what can be done with the facilities provided, skills and hope in regional boarding schools and make these examples widespread across the country. The Regional Boarding Schools (YBO) are located in the less-populated regions without a school to provide free education for the students in compulsory education, the students living in the neighborhood of these schools receive also education in these schools without living within these schools. The students of YBO are generally children from the countries in the region. These students have some economic and social challenges. Therefore, the teachers working in such schools must bear in mind that the students live away from their families. The academicians from the Department of Educational Sciences in the Faculty of Education of Fırat University have made a scientific study related to the Opinions of Teachers and Students regarding the Problems of Regional Boarding Schools in Bingöl. Some of the findings are as follows; • The length of service of the teachers working in these schools is less than five years and these teachers are mostly inexperienced. • The teachers aren't satisfied with the interest of the parents in the students and teacher-parents-student communication in the dimension of "Positive School Climate and Relations with Parents", a healthy communication hasn't been established between the school and parents. • The teachers working in these schools don't pay attention to the students' wishes at a satisfactory level in the dimension od "Student-Teacher-School Administration Communication". • The reasons increasing the discipline problems are the lack of orientation of the inexperienced teachers, that the teachers don't pay attention to the students, lack of the school activities and deterrent rules. • The students studying in these schools have behavioral disorders; some of them are very edgy and aggressive, some of them are shy. • These students need psychological support. The teachers of these schools have great responsibilities as the imitate roles are learned more through the teacher model. Our teachers must be in a struggle to organize the proper environment and social activities in system integrity with professional approaches and skills in order to decrease and solve all these problems. The participants are expected to acquire competences in the followings after the training based on sample practices in expereinced institutions with qualified human resources and EU education standards within the framework of the project; • Support approaches in problem solving • Leisure activities • Training to meet the self-care meets • The result-oriented use of award and punishment mechanism • To gain the habits of studying and doing homework • Teacher approaches convenient for the different demographic characteristics • Effective communication techniques with parents • Modern disciplinary approaches A school climate will be created thanks to the acquisitions of our teachers which; • contributes more the personal-social, educational and vocational development of our students; • provides the necessary opportunities for them to spend their energy in positive re-creative activities; • helps the parents be responsive to the educational and occupational expectations and contribute more the educational improvement and academic success of the students; • meets the physiological, psychological and social needs in a balanced way. The project management will be carried out by a management team to be formed within the school. This team will provide logistical support and preparation training for the teachers who will participate in the mobility programs. The participants' acquisitions abroad will be approved with the Europass mobility documents and certificates given by the host partners. The evaluation activities at participant and general quality level will be done in the project, after the flows there will be an active dissemination program.

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