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Binationale und Bilinguale Berufs-und Studienorientierung
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For the new academic year 2015/16 a new subject will bee introduced: “Economy for Career Counseling and Orientation for study”. With this project our schools would like to improve the experience gained since now in matter of Career Counseling and Orientation for study (in particular with “Boris Berufswahlsigel”). The project can be seen as a way to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with a work experience abroad in one of the countries of the European Union involved in the project. A number of students (40) will take part in this project. Through the “train the trainer” methodology, the teaching staff involved in the project will compare similarities and differences between the italian and the german Career Counseling and Orientation for study and will learn how to apply for jobs in the respective countries. For this purpose, several experts in matter of Career Counseling and Orientation for study will be involved. In Teamteaching the teaching staff will introduce the most significant and relevant topics related to Economy for Career Counseling and Orientation for study, they will explain the meaning of new words, they will make sure that all suggested reading materials have been understood and they will support students in deeply exploring the subject. On the other hand, students will check their homeworks, taking notes of the mistakes they have made, using mails and social-networks. Everyone who will take part in this project will enhance his/her skills and, above all, will learn to effectively communicate in italian/german. In a further step, students will deal with the modules for the self-assessment of the acquired competencies (Diagnostik-und Kompetenzfeststellungsboegen) and they will learn how to complete the documents in Italy and Germany; furthermore, they will also learn to use “Europass” to certify their own skills and knowledge. In this way each of them will look for job vacancies or placements for his/her Tandempartner. During the exchange visits, students will talk about what they have been doing until that date in front of all other students and teaching staff participating in the project; moreover, they will visit some local companies in both countries to observe how the world of work is. During the afternoons, assisted by a group of experts, students will practise for job interviews in their partner's language. Thanks to this project, students will broaden their knowledge about other countries' culture and they will understand how their customs are seen by people coming from another country. Their good knowledge of both Italian and German, their double high school diploma (italian and german) and their training about how to enter the world of work of the Partnerland, will drive them to search for a work/study experience abroad. The project aims to increase the number of girls working in fields where the number of men is tipically higher. Furthermore, the project also aim to get students familiar with the socio – economic system of the other EU countries: youth unemployment, discrimination, tolerance, emigration, immigration, problems related to racial integration will be treated during the project. Developing the knowledge of another language and carrying out several activities, they will become more aware of their future prospects, looking at the European Union as an opportunity to have more chance in getting their dream job. They will have an active role in the globalization process and, differently from other students, they will be trained on how to exploit the opportunities globalization offers. Taking part in this project is a great opportunity that is offered to motivated students who want to enhance their skills to lay the foundations for a better future.
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