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BILLARD - Blended and Integrated Lifelong Learning for Actors in Regional Development

The project aims at the development of a modular training programme related to topics of interest for key players in regional development. BILLARD addresses the following two target groups:• women re-entering the labour market – i.e. women who were interrupted in their career development due to certain reasons (e.g. maternity leave, caring for a disabled relative etc.), they have an academic degree and have been away from the world of work for at least 2 years• university drop-outs – i.e. young people who are unemployed or employed below their intellectual potential, they started to pursue their studies and successfully completed at least two semesters, but have dropped for some reasonsThe BILLARD-programme contains modules at basic, advanced and professional level that are based upon each other. The learning courses and the learning materials cover eight thematic areas:1. Regional Development and Regional Policy2. Strategy Planning and Marketing3. EU and its Institutions4. Project Development and Financing5. Project Implementation and Management6. Communication and Soft Skills7. Career Development Planning8. ICT SkillsThese topics have been identified in a query as prerequisites that a person involved in regional development should have. The query and interviews have been carried out among the regional development key players in the partner countries.

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