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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our age of information technology (IT) and business users effectively have come to the fore in terms of competition. Business information to obtain, develop, share and evaluate effectively are required to take advantage of IT. IT is used in business is a competitive concept which contributed to the process of doing so as well as efficiency and innovation in efficiency. Increasingly competitive globalized world, the success of the business depends on how well you manage the information in the market. Today, businesses who understand the importance of knowledge, knowledge management continues by representing the highest level, creating information and trying to create an organizational culture and knowledge sharing for the fastest way to convert competitive advantage, have begun to use IT extensively. Enterprise IT in particular; planning, organizing data sources, providing a competitive advantage, to provide support to the decision of the administrators, business performance indicators to online access, time to make savings, ensuring effective communication and they use in order to increase their control over the company. According to the statistical data obtained from the results of academic studies conducted in Turkey in the number of companies who believe that SMEs have a positive impact on the performance of IT spending less than those of opposing views. down to the lower level of the highest levels and increased use of IT in SMEs is much dependency on IT, cultural values ​​and attitudes towards the use of this technology will increase the extent of it. The obstacle to this is the inability to employ an adequate number of qualified labor force. Manufacturing SMEs in our country, the contribution to employment and GNP, are larger in size. In our country, 99% of enterprises in the manufacturing industry and SMEs constitute 78% of the employment. SMEs are able to easily adapt to the conditions of competition and technological development, the reduction of unemployment and provide important contributions to the spread of entrepreneurship. SMEs, to increase competitiveness at the global level, to make production quality and efficiency, they are supposed to benefit from IT effectively. Employment is an important objective in training. To be beneficial to the SME IT investment efficiency of these investments can be used effectively, the training which enables the development of the growth of the labor force also need to go to reconstruction. limiting the effectiveness of IT investments in SMEs only enough information elements will not have the skills and competencies of the workforce. Perhaps the biggest reason is to also introduce vocational training in our labor market to our project. Because these two sectors in our country can not cooperate enough. Because of our country who have graduated from employment problems and vocational training becomes a skilled problem. This makes a negative impact on the development of our country. We want to make it the solution with this project we do. Summarizes the objectives of the project are as follows: * IT investments in SMEs in the EU countries, infrastructure and examine the solution, * Examine their effects on productivity of IT solutions in SMEs, * Train qualified workforce to be efficient IT solutions in SMEs, * The need to maintain the competitiveness of SMEs age appropriately redesigned spotting, * Ensuring the transfer of IT solutions to our country in SMEs in the EU, * To shape vocational training for IT solutions in SMEs, * To increase employment, * National and ensure international cooperation, * Competitive and achieve a sustainable market economy, * SMEs in Turkey make it competitive with its rivals in the EU, * Develop foreign language skills, Our project, stronger cooperation in education policy, the European Union, better use of transparency and recognition tools and through the dissemination of good practice, to complete the policy reforms at the national level and is designed to support the modernization of education and training systems will encourage the formation of the European Lifelong Learning field. Our project, Vocational Education and Training with the private entrepreneurship in the Union, and through the cooperation between the partner country institutions and programs with countries in the partner countries of the mobility and cooperation between businesses and partner countries to encourage the targeted capacity development will strengthen the international dimension of education and training. Meaning in their professional career and vocational training specialists to encourage utilization of transnational education. A total of 24 vocational training specialists 12 evil people in groups which operate in the IT field in the form of two streams in Germany and in Belgium partners in 2016 May-June are within our project consortium leader will be selected from SMEs, and our vocational schools will make mobility with 2 weeks.
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