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Bilişim Destekli Bireysel Eğitim
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is the second largest city of the country with a population of over 5 million. Ankara EducationDirectorate, with the advantage of being in the same city with Ministry of Education, is the first to implement the innovations and changes made in our country in the field of education. The number of people affected by our service is close to a million students almost as a small European countrywhen considered together with their families. In schools within our Directorate, there are many studentswho have disadvantages due to their health problems, disability, familial problems, hyperactivity and dyslexia due to various negative factors ofinappropriate environmental conditions. The disadvantaged students who need support in particular the spread of inclusive education can get thier education in our schools all together now by giving more attention to achieve successwith their peers. Changing education paradigms suggest teachers to meets both different levels of students by having separate configuration if required for every student in the class education individually and by planning the special one or a few more lesson plans for disadvantaged students simultaneously, without interrupting the execution, instead of a uniform expression in our class. In most cases, teachers cannot give and care about the needs and requirements of relevance of our disadvantaged students in lesson time. When the developed countriesare concerned, they solve this problem of their education by keeping “the education” not only limited to the class hours. In these countries, teachers help the students who need individual support for the most possible time without disrupting the education of other students in the classroom and in cases where it is not sufficient in class teachers support the disadvantaged students with extracurricular educational activities after class.It is clear that the approach to these students should be special and special education must be planned for these special students because of the disadvantage of they have. This newly applied individual based education approach in our country has brought the problem of time with it. This result has led our school to the search for new solutions point. The idea of open education, the weekend or evening compensation courses, has not been efficient enough. Hence the idea offastInternet connections is now available in every home and can be used for education without the limiting of the time and place education through distance education using computers has been put forward the idea of exceeding to avoid the shortage. This idea has been the starting point of our project. Computer Integrated Individual Education Project is not just a distance education project. Because the target group which is disadvantaged individualsshould be educated accordinglyto the methods and techniquesavailable and special for them, regardless of whether it is distance, special, formal or informal education. These students should be analyzed and be considered as individual training program to overcome these disadvantages and all negative situationswhich is a negative impact on the success of the training. Although this method is applied for many years in many European countries, it is pretty new for Turkey. The teacher must be enabled especially in these distance education system of disadvantaged students who need individualized education. The materials should be prepared according to the students' level and needs.The structures of both the formal education and the distance education for the students who need special education are totally different from each other and shall be configured differently. The implementation of the same methods and techniques applied for normal students to these disadvantaged students will not be true. Moreover, such an approach will be contrary to the logic of individual training. All our schools who area member of the consortium, created to implement these applications in a good way, are the schools where intensely disadvantaged students get their educationfor different reasons. The dissemination is carefully selected in order to create accurately,within the mind of the diversity of disadvantaged students. Participating teachers with sufficient knowledge in their industry, unfortunately, don’t have enough knowledgein our project subject which is about "Computer Integrated Individual Education”. Located in a country with a similar socio-economic conditions of our country, Portugal; EscolaProfissional de Braga (EPB), in Braga, is an institution in which a significant number of the individualized students are educated with the regular students. This institute successfully supportsthe students with distance education with individualized learning method in case of failure of class time lessons for many years. Our teacher will gain experience in this area, which is a very important gap for them. They will also support and meet the requirements
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