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Bilişim Alanı Öğrencilerimiz Mobil Uygulama Yazılımcısı Olma Yolunda, Avrupa'da !
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The importance of the mobile devices are getting more and more important for the currenct tecnhology to access to the information faster. These devices make our lives easier and more comfortable. We can access to social network, we can play games or we can do shopping etc. with these devices. There are some applications being developed to use for these aims. Mobile applications have taken place in the market for the applications like e-mail which supply information, calender, contacts, Exchange market and weather conditions etc. but with the dense demand of the users , the availability of the applications development and because of the popularity of new devices , there is a dramatic increase in producing new categories. There are important developments in our country on the subject of development of mobile devices. The number of the companies which take place in this market and develop solutions, is increasing day by day. However, the biggest problem in our country for mobile devices, is the need of an expert in the area of mobile software. Our country needs to get a qualified training process for the young population to take place in the application market and devolop their competence and transform their competence to the perfection. Our school Küçükçekmece Atatürk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi(Küçükçekmece Atatürk Vocational and Technical High School), is an institution which aims to train qualified technical personal who keep up with new technological developments and have competence for the labour need a lot. Our students have no chance to have competence for the ‘’mobile applications developments’’ ,because of the absence of this subject in our syllabus. Whereas , one of the most important need of the software market is mobile application software and because our students are deprived of this knowledge, ability and competence, they have trouble in employment. With this project which is preperad in the light of the need in this industry, we aim to enhance job opportunity and provide the labour for the Mobile application software by giving a chance to students to study in a qualified school and institute on this subject and chance to practice for it in England the country possibly the most important one in Europe. By this way, participants are going to have technical knowledge, skill and competence. The expactance and results of our project are, developing of foreign language skill of our participants, cultural awareness and respect to the other cultures, boosting self-confidence and motivating to learn, developing ‘’European’’ consciousness, developing social competence, developing an awareness of importance of culturel interaction, increasing institutional capacity and quality of our school, transferring new innovational practices to our school, and finally we aim to internationalisation and modernise our school. Our long term expectances in project are, contributing to provide need for mobile application software labour, making the European cooperations sustainable, increasing cooperations between our school and the industry, encouraging technical schools to prepare European Union projects and increasing the quality of education in technical schools. Our metodology in the process of our project we give importance to task sharing and cooperation. In this direction, there is a powerful project executive team consituted of voluntery teacher. The executive team first share task and then they are going to move within a plan in all of the operations like preperation, dynamism, monitoring, evaluation and expanding. They are going to implement the project in a qualified way. Our projects’ mobility activites are going to be constituted of 4 different Schedule which are being held with the host of our two institute in England. The first two Schedule are being held with 8 participants and one each attendant between 13th March- 26 March 2016 in ‘’Brockenhurst College’’ and ‘’E Direct Link Company’’. The last two Schedules are going to be held with again 8 participants and one each attendant between 3rd APRIL-16th APRIL 2016 in ‘’Brockenhurst College’’and ‘’E Direct Link Company’’ . There are going to be 32 participants and 4 attendant in total in our project.
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