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Bilingv 15-18 - Reformarea curriculară instituţională prin ameliorarea competenţelor lingvistice şi de specialitate ale profesorilor de la clasele cu profil bilingv
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The necessity of the project „Bilingual 15-18 – Institutional curricular reforming by improvement of linguistic&specialty competences of teachers from bilingual profile”comes from school's particularity-the only institution in Vaslui County specialized in bilingual-French&English teaching;it also comes from a need to provide to teachers of bilingual classes necessary competences to renew this specialization,one of institution’s goals mentioned in the International Development Plan.The main goal is an European training of 20 teachers from bilingual profile(6 English teachers,6 French teachers,4 of humanities&4 of scientific subjects)who will contribute to renovate curriculum contents&will project new optional subjects-linguistic&non-linguistic ones for realizing renewal of teaching languages to bilingual profile&for turning the institution into a DELF testing center.Project’s relevance resides in simultaneously fulfilling essential goals from the strategic plan&in satisfying main requests of Law no.1/2011&of Europe2020 Strategy concerning modern languages teaching process&necessity of flexibility,of its adapting for ensuring the graduates a plurality of competences in order to rapidly inserting themselves in the labor market,as for accessing the Erasmus programme.Specific objectives:(1)developing the linguistic&specialty competences of 12 teachers of linguistic subjects from bilingual profile (6French&6 English teachers) for creating DELF certificates evaluators team&for reforming curricula contents&by creating 6 new optional subjects for every profile&4 linguistic course supports for bilingual classes during 2 years through participation to European in-training courses of 5 days each;(2)developing linguistic competences in French&English of 8 teachers of non-linguistic subjects,4 from scientific department and 4 from humanities,for 2 years,by participating to intensive in-training courses of 5 days each for creating 8 optional non-linguistic subjects which will be taught in languages of bilingual profile.These courses fit to training needs of teachers from bilingual profile, fulfilling the necessity of renewal for advantaging pupils conforming to the institution’s objectives.Participating to this in-training courses will be an opportunity for exchanging ideas,practices,identifying new partners.The 20 participants at mobilities are titular teachers of the institution,teaching in 3 different curricular areas.The teachers of linguistic subjects(French-English) have competences of C2 level&those of non-linguistic subjects are quoted with A2-B2 levels;the age of the components of target-group is 30-55 years old&there are 2/3 women,respecting proportion existing in institution.In-service training will consist in 2 courses providing competences for specialty teachers (6 for French &6 for English)&2 courses for non-linguistic subjects teachers,in order to intensively provide them competences in French (4 teachers – 2 of sciences &2 of humanities)&English (4 teachers – 2 of sciences&2 of humanities).Transfer&valorization in the school will be done during 2nd year by realizing 4 pluridisciplinar teams for (1)French:a group for reprojecting contents for teaching language,literature,civilization and for organizing DELF sessions;(2)English:a group for reprojecting contents for teaching language,literature,civilization;(3)a group for projecting non-linguistic optional subjects in French;(4) a group for projecting non-linguistic optional subjects in English.2 teachers will form a group of new technologies,online communication&for realizing an e-Learning Management System.This will result in 10 innovative linguistic course supports(5 in French,5 in English),8 optional subjects course supports in French&English.There will also be realized 4 eTwinning projects,1 pluridisciplinar project,2 County projects;new competences will be integrated into a national translations contest.The results will be presented into 4 scientific papers,during symposiums&conferences.The project team will have precise responsibilities conforming to a strategy based upon a system of project management (planning,implementing,monitoring,evaluating,disseminating).Experienced members of the project team will ensure the management of mobilities(practical aspects,signing contracts,watching for quality of training courses,planning,reporting,certification system),planning&applying of preparation,mentorship,monitoring &evaluating trained teachers,continuity through transfer&sustainability strategy also that communication with organizers of the training.By applying acquired competences,project will improve bilingual schoolteaching,curricula&school’s offer by empowering teachers&by contributing to institutional ethos,advantaging graduates through supplementary skills for a high quality of socio-professional insertion.There will result a better European cooperation by creating the premises of a new KA2 project in field of reforming the bilingual schoolteaching.
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