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Big Foot. Crossing generations, crossing mountains
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Common constraints of the mountain areas are featured by SOCIO-CULTURAL MARGINALISATION of the elderly population, who has lost its role and authority as mediator in cultural transmission; as well as ECONOMIC UNBALANCE due to the interruption in the transmission of elderly knowledge concerning a wise use of limited resources in marginal geographical environments.Big Foot proposes the development of the Intergenerational Community Services Learning Approach to: 1.Provide senior citizens with tools for transmitting their knowledge and skills.2.Promote an intergenerational dialogue based on elderly experiences and knowledge.3.Re-integrate into the local communities those knowledge and skills through a creative re-elaboration.4.Create economic value.Thus, intergenerational learning becomes an instrument supporting social cohesion and local sustainable development.Big Foot approach involves:-Local families through a participatory mapping of the territory.-Elderly people as “heritage trainers”.-Younger people as “heritage travellers”.-Community services and stakeholders as “heritage capitalizers”.The families map local intangible heritage, that will be used by the Big Foot partners to identify and develop the learning and training intervention: elderly people will act as trainers of younger people, tourists and interested stakeholders within 4 different macro-areas:1.TOURISM: intergenerational promenades or story telling - Outputs: promenade itineraries; videos to be used by local tourism offices and travel agencies. 2.HANDICRAFTS: traditional handicraft and agricultural production trainings - Outputs: training courses for school students, local community, tourists, local entrepreneurs.3.ECOLOGY OF PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION: wise use of local resources for cooking, home keeping; clothing - Outputs: training and awareness courses; cook books.4. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: it involves the elderly people as trainees for coping with change and remain active in society.

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