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Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning for adults
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

“Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning for adults” – the BASICS project - was elaborated jointly by 6 organizations from 5 countries: Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Turkey and Israel. It aims at fostering intercultural dialogue, mainly in the context of Europe`s religious diversity. Bibliodrama is a way of experiential learning of the content of holy scriptures through enacting key stories and characters on stage, and through involving group work and interactive techniques. It is then a perfect method to teach and facilitate dialogue skills, which need to be practiced and maintained throughout life. The main project activities include: • elaboration of an innovative teaching curricula through research into synergies between Bibliodrama and intercultural education and on the basis of pilot workshop achievements; • edition of two complementary publications – a book containing teaching scenarios on using Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning (in EN, PL, HU, TR and IS) and a DVD (in EN) presenting learners' perspectives on intercultural issues (10.000 copies); • organization of several exploitation events, including national workshop sessions combined with a launch of publications, European Grundtvig course in Turkey and international conference in Israel. The BASICS project addresses the needs of adult educators involved in non-formal and informal programs (teachers, trainers, therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, pedagogues, art instructors, priests, catechists, coaches, occupational therapy and social workers, members of religious organizations and those working with migrants/ethnic minorities), providing them with new tools and practical methods.

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