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Bezpečná energia - energia pre budúcnosť
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Safe Energy – the Energy for the Future” is the next challenge for the Secondary Vocational School Handlova. In addition, this project provides an opportunity to continue the European dimension of education and contributes significantly to the overall quality and credibility of the school in the wider region. The main goal of the project is to create a sense of social responsibility for proper functioning of Earth and foster the environmental behavior of individuals, pointing out the necessity of rational energy consumption, importance of the renewable resources and their possible usage in the Slovak Republic. However, the aim is also to highlight the secondary contribution to the energy savings and renewable sources which are inseparably linked to their usage. We have chosen this project theme in order to increase the awareness of our students and other project participants about the current conditions related to the energy sources, which capacity is limited and can be depleted in the near future. We want the participants to understand that this is a worldwide problem and we would like to focus the attention to this issue from the global perspective. In this project we intend to increase the attractiveness of the innovative teaching methods and acquire new knowledge about this matter. At the same time we would like to pass this valuable knowledge to all participants of the project and to the general public through the mass and information media. Due to a visibly decreasing popularity of this tuition area, we are going to make every effort to increase the interest and awareness of students for science and ecology education and choose the most convenient and innovative methods of teaching, such as project learning, global education, brainstorming, e-learning etc. We also have intention to focus the students’ alertness to the limited and deplorable energy resources. The project is aimed at the following target groups: science teachers, who consider including new, innovative methods in the physics, chemistry, ecology and biology curriculum. The first and second grade students of the secondary schools are another aimed group, because those subjects are included in their education program. The curriculum of those subjects contains topics about energy production, its impact on the environment and saving the energy as well. The estimated number of project participants is 50 persons. We are going to realize activities with tangible and intangible intellectual outcomes during the project meetings. The students will contribute to the discussion at the international conference. They will present their ideas, opinions and Power-point presentations on “The Analysis of the Energy Sources in My Country”. The comparative analytic study material “The Analysis of the Energy Sources in Our Countries” will be published as a result of this conference. The excursions to various power plants will be realized in each participating country during the project meetings according to their possibilities and conditions. To reach the next intellectual outcome, the multimedia DVD – “The Safe Energy – the Energy for the Future”, the international film crew will be formed from the deputy members of each participating school. They will gather the films, shots, pictures and documents about the project activities and achieved results. A part of the DVD will also contain a statistical questionnaire assessment. The questionnaire with title “Do We Save the Electric Energy?” should provoke students to think about their attitudes towards the environment. In order to improve the exchange of experience from implementation of innovative methods in tuition, an open class with title “Impact of Energy Sources on Environment in Last 20 Years and Means of Reducing Impact“ will be held. The main intellectual output will be mutual information exchange between participating countries, between students and teachers and also among teachers themselves about various possibilities and effects of innovative tuition methods. The participants will evaluate the impacts of usage of these new methods from perspective of attitude shaping and gaining permanent and practical knowledge in areas of environmental education, electricity production and conservation. They will also have a chance to exchange information regarding new and safe possibilities of electricity production at a specialized seminar with title “Safe Energy” that will be accompanied by various workshops. The result of this specialized seminar will be a pedagogical material with title “Safe Energy – Energy for the Future”, published as a paper brochure. The long term potential gains lie in educating the participants towards positive attitude to environmentalism, which they will transfer onto people in their neighborhood.
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