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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ZAK and FOM as two different organisations working with young people, decided to collaborate together on this Erasmus+ project - BEYOND - after they got to know each other during a different project funded by the Youth in Action Programme way back in 2007/2008. The theme of voluntary work was chosen because both our respective organisations are based on voluntary work done by committed young people. This project however aims to help young people go beyond their original frame of mind and seek other voluntary aspects which maybe they would have never had the opportunity to experience or get to know about especially since they are very much involved into their own organisation. Participants would be encouraged to seek innovate ways of working also by meeting different people and associations who excel in their own field of voluntary work. The project will also work on providing participants with tools for the recording of their learning experiences so that then they would then in turn be able to further disseminate the knowledge obtained within their organisations/ fields of voluntary work, since they are already in touch with many young people. The objectives of this project are to: 1. Make people aware of the value of volunteering both in their lives and in the lives of others 2. Promoting Volunteering as a tool towards active citizenship; volunteering as a tool for non formal and informal learning 3. The discovery of new and innovative areas into which one could invest his/her personal time 4. Finding similarities and differences in the way young people from different countries (Malta & Italy) do voluntary work within their communities, and using these differences as tools so as to be able to approach new realities The number of participants taking part in such project is that of 22 (12 Maltese participants and 12 Italian participants). All participants are into voluntary work since they work on a voluntary basis as youth workers/leaders within their organisations. Their ages vary from 20 to 30 years. The difference in age will not be an issue in such a project since they all have the same formation/background. Activities will vary from workshops to testimonies to different exposures of different realities of youth work and since the project will be done in two different countries, participants have to opportunity to experience two different contexts. Participants will learn by doing since they will be active in different workshops and work and they will enrich themselves through informal and non-formal education by sharing their previous experiences but also by their level of involvement in this project. The results envisaged from this project are first of all to make participants aware of other opportunities and methods of voluntary work in order to entice them towards different opportunities of voluntary work. The project also aims to equip participants with different recording tools for learning and the participants of this project will eventually create a board/card game focusing on the theme of voluntary work, which will be distributed to various organisations working with young people so as to further promote the idea of becoming a volunteer!
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