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Start date: Apr 6, 2015, End date: Dec 5, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background: The project intends to promote the youth activism, a priority issue in the Italian as well as in the Albanian society. From a 2012 research conducted by Università Politecnica delle Marche entitled "I comportamenti, le opinioni e gli atteggiamenti dei giovani marchigiani" (Behaviours, Opinions and Attitudes Of Young People of the Marches Region) and from the 2011 survey of the German Foundation Friedrich Ebert on Albanian youth emerges a low selfless social mobilisation of young people. In the Marches Region, the second largest community of foreigner residents is the Albanian with its 20.062 residents (2015 ISTAT data). Albanian citizens living in Italy are still suffering of a negative branding. Some of them are developing a defensive behaviour against an environment perceived as hostile, while some others are adopting an homogenisation strategy thus a loss of their identity. In the course of the numerous planning meeting, the Youth Workers cooperating with Tandem and Acli-Ipsia pointed out that only very few people in Italy and in Albania know the real value of the cooperation for a development as well as the development goals of the millennium. Artificial barriers have been erecting due to the lack of these information, limiting the active participation of citizens. The involvement of a group of youth workers originating from both countries highlights the experience of migration, the need of understanding and mutual dialogue, in order to start a transnational network process intended with and for Youth Workers. Objectives: Promoting the cross-cultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, especially through the non formal learning; promoting the young people participation while improving job quality with the youth, especially through a further cooperation between those organizations involved in planning and execution activities for young people; promoting the creation of a net between youth workers of the two countries; providing information to people on cooperation for development, promoting the focus along with an active participation contributing to its development. Participants: 18 Youth Workers aged between 18 and 34 years old were involved in the Mobility, 8 of them coming from the Region of Scutari (Albania), 10 from the Marches Region (Italy), of which 10 female and 8 male, 4 youngsters with fewer opportunities. All have at least an elementary knowledge of the English language and past experience in projects focused on cross-cultural, development and youth. Carried out activities: 1. prior the start up of the Mobility, Tandem Associazione Interculturale and Acli Ipsia completed a training with the Youth Workers involved. During the Mobility, youth workers participated to the following activities: Introduction to the Erasmus program+ and Mobility of Young people; 2. Theatre workshop through the technique of Participated theatre, according to which the stage acts as the place of the Other, a place in which criticize issues related to reality and spread values of solidarity and participation. 3. Workshops on international cooperation, cross-cultural dialogue and youth participation aiming to:- Increase the knowledge and awareness of Youth Workers to the following topics; - Increase and strengthen of individual skills in order to start and manage new activities in these fields, creating a network with youth organisations. 4. Two street theatre-actions: created by youth workers using the languages of theatre, singing, live music and trying to attract a great number of participants. Results achieved by participants: - better understanding of the dynamics behind discriminatory attitudes and methods of promoting the participation of heterogeneous groups composed of local youth and young people having a migration background into artistic and creative activities; development of skills in the non formal education sector that contributes to raise awareness of the youth towards racism. Impact: Development of skills in cross-cultural activities aimed to promote projects with social purposes. - Increase of the capacity to address the youngster needs e to involve them in order to plan and realize together youth projects. Impact: Acquisition of useful tools to promote active citizenship through the involvement of young people. - Improving of skills to operate in partnership with youth workers coming from organizations of other countries and working in support of youngster. Impact: Acquisition of skills in cooperating, interacting and working in a network with local or international partners. - Further comprehension of the importance of the associated action with a warranty of the co-development. Impact: Deep knowledge of the link between developed and developing countries.
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