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The Partnership “Beyond the school” is built on intercultural dialogue and adult education through the use of information technologies. The target group of this new partnership is adults actively involved, or interested in the international project “Beyond the school”, which has been running in the Czech republic from 2005, and other involved countries from 2006. The Project “Beyond the school” is based on the concept of using ICT in community research work while discovering historical changes in architecture, nature and culture. It gives an opportunity to gain information about new educational techniques and to build partnerships through learning about them. The Project builds on the existing expertise of current practitioners and shares this with others through workshops, seminars and a conference, with the aim to support adult education across Europe by connecting these different systems. Participants in the project will have the possibility of learning new pedagogical approaches, creating new international partnerships and improving their professional skills. By including e – learning, the project gives opportunities for new technologies to act as a space for open innovative collaboration. Exhibition posters with presentations from the participants is an opportunity for advertising the project to other educational institutions. The project motivates cooperation, supports intercultural learning and has a mission of intercultural tolerance.

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