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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has been worked out on the basis of our school’s needs as focussed by the RAV (Self Evaluation Report) and by the Improvement Plan for being integrated into the Plan of European Development. These needs are as follows:1- Improving basic competences with particular reference to the first two years ( reading, Maths, Sciences);2- Increasing excellent skills;3- Opposing dropping out;4- Adjusting Didactics to special educational needs;5- Bettering response to problems of students in disadvantaged position due to social, cultural, linguistic reasons, guaranteeing their right to study and equal opportunities as to permanent education and personal formation success;6- Enhancing teachers above all in the sectors of new technologies and innovative methods;7- Increasing new teachers competences in order to unable them to use all the competences necessary to run diverse learning groups ( Special Needs and foreign students).The project BETTER TEACHERS FOR A BETTER SCHOOL is meant to reach these specific goals:1- Increasing the teachers’ digital as well as linguistic competences;2- Using new learning strategies, above all open, flexible learning, and getting a better exploitation of ICT potential.We consider the mobility of 12 teachers directed towards 5 European countries, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Spain, United Kingdom, in order to let them take part in structured courses or job shadowing activities.In the choice of partners the following criteria were adopted:1-schools with experience in matters concerning Special Educational Needs with particular reference to Specific Learning Problems; 2-Schools with experience in the use of ICT in teaching students in difficulty mainly and all students in general; To increase our teachers’ chances to join, we have given priority to partners proposing activities in English. As to job shadowing, our partners have been chosen consistently with the subjects taught in both our study courses ( Tourism Operators and Surveyors).The participants will be selected according to their aptitude for interpersonal relationships and for team work, to the interest shown in the themes the project approaches, as well as on the basis of their willingness to take part in spreading and implementing what has been learnt.For each mobility-activity other specific pre-requisites must be met. Among these the knowledge of the English language and of basic computer science. We will consider recently appointed teachers at first and will however promote a balance between language teachers and Maths and Science teachers.The expected impact will be on the mobility participants in primis but necessarily also on the school students, on our teachers and on the others taking part in the spreading activity.The assessment of this impact will take place in the short, medium and long run.Every participant will be asked to write a final report and to fill in a self-assessing questionnaire. The quality of the activities and above all of the expected outputs will be evaluated according to the Objective Indicators System. At the end of the spreading activity an assessment report concerning the activity and each participant will be worked out.Monitoring on activities, impacts and spreading will go on steadily for the whole length of the project.We expect the project BETTER TEACHERS FOR A BETTER SCHOOL will have strong impact on the development process of the school, contributing to increase the school’s visibility and to making its internationalization process both operating and functional. In order to allow disadvantage students to take part in international experiences it is important to reongorce and strengthen european mobility processes whose this project is only the first step.
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