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Better Quality Of Life - BQOL
Start date: Jun 22, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

When we decided to have the project, the venue for the exchange was one of the first considerations, once we had agreed a theme with our partners. When deciding on the venue we took into consideration access, safety and welcoming for such a large group. Would we as a project be able to take ownership of the venue, with our own areas exclusively to the project. Would we have access to all the facilities exclusively to our groups when required for workshops and other activities, the staff are young people friendly and of course the costing of such a large event with so many young people on the go. The answer to these questions was yes as we have used these facilities before. The Venue we chose for the project is Killary in Co. Galway. The Theme for the project is "Better Quality of Life " dealing with very important Environmental Issues. Ballyfermot has its own environmental working plant, which is a concern at times to the local community. This project is going to allow Thornton's waste disposable plant to allow people from the community to visit the plant and see it for themselves, allowing them to make their own judgments. Thornton's will also make a presentation to the group on their product in the afternoon. Killary is also environmental friendly they have recycling bins situated on site so we recycle as much of our rubbish as possible. They also have a Proven 15 windmill which feeds straight into there electricity and on average powers between 25 - 30% or their usage. In the main centre we have a big Biomass boiler which is fueled by wood from Coilte and heats their hot water & underfloor heating - cutting our gas bills by over 50%. Lastly they also have solar panels on site which again feed into the hot water & radiators. The venue also fits into our project theme in more ways than one. The methods which will be used are workshops on the Water quality services and reform. Wastes management deliver change, Hazardous waste and waste as a resource. there is also a workshops on atmosphere air quality and climate change. there will also be role plays on completion of work shops by the groups. The process for the workshops is a non formal method. There will also be presentations on all partners’ countries responses to Environmental issues, like Ireland closeness to Selafield. There will also be team building games and sporting activities to promote team work and interaction with each other. The interaction is a big aspect for the theme in question, as the young people will have to rely on each another. Each organisation will present a cultural evening. The programme will be conducted in a non formal setting which will allow for the young people to engage openly with each other and through discussions, team building and sporting activities, allowing their strengths to come through, at different times. There will be forty three young people participating in the project and nine leaders. The young people will be mixed into four groups, containing members from each country in all groups with a gender balance. The partners for the project are Hungary, Cyprus , Malta and the host Ireland. The object of the exchange is to draw from the experience of the participants and to plant seeds through information and advice. The young people through their active participation learning from experience and reflection on experience are better aware of Environmental issues if they were to arise in the future for themselves or others. When the group the On the day this application, October 1, 2015, people from Ireland for the first time will have to pay for water. Legislation for WATER SERVICES (NO. 2) ACT 2013 (COMMENCEMENT) (NO. 2) ORDER 2014, will become a huge topic of debate. It will be our intention to discuss the water and all the associated contents to give the participants a better understanding. We will alos engage with our partners and discuss their countries solution to water management. Being conscious of your environment is a very important aspect of our lives. The government are aware of this, The national policy framework for children & young people 2014-2020 "Better Outcomes Brighter Futures" takes into account the social impact on children from disadvantaged areas. It also recognises, that children should be supported to play a full role in society. This project will give the participants an opportunity that they may not get otherwise as a result of their social conditioning. Therefore, the impact the community may have could be very beneficial, if the project application is accepted.
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