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Better Practice Deeper Knowledge
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Theoretical knowledge gained at school lessons should be linked with practical experience. The objectives we are looking for are in:- applying the theoretical knowledge in practice and to support learners in acquisition of competences, - acquiring experience in intercultural diversity, to raise the awarness and understanding of other cultures and countries,- widening horizons,- getting skilled in diverse business areas,- using English language in specific business fields and improve communication abilities,- improving the personal development and so to acquire some personal virtues such as independency, self-reliability, self-confidence, responsibility, flexibility, ability to co-operate, evaluate things from different points of view, orientation in strange surrounding, adaptability and modifiability,- using ECVET for the evaluation and recognition of competences and skills of graduates.As for an educational institution, our objective is a contribution/benefits for:1 the participants - a high quality of learning processes and learning outcomes, recognition of educational results in practical education ECVET, 2 the school - it provides an international dimension and improve/innovate the school curricula in evaluating learning outcomes, concentrating on practical education, the exchange programme with our partner in the Netherlands, 3 the teachers - improvement of their professional teaching skills as we have desribed above. Our school has been taking part in international partnerships because of the opportunities which are being offered to participants and it has a positive impact on the modernization of our school such as: - improvement of the professional competences/skills in economical thinking, - improvement of the confidence of our students, personal competences and soft skills, - enhancement of employability and improvement of career prospects, - enhancement of sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, - improvement of the language professional competences, - developement of intercultural feelings and experience, - developement of the EU understanding/awarness throughout personal cooperation, - in modernisation and international opening of the institution.In our school there are some very active and motivated students and teachers who we would like to support and offer better perspective and offer possibilities to gain and develop new skills and competences.Activities we planned are in conection with the objectives mentioned above, for students they depend on the tasks at companies in relation with professional work in business monitoring, trading and international trading, in marketing and IT and for the teachers it is monitoring and preparing documents for recognition and evaluation of practical skills and competences and gaining new teaching methods. Methodology used is based on a high quality of preparation, evaluation and dissemination process. Impact on the participants is in enhancement of the quality of educational process and in skills and competences gained.
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