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Better lige with ADHD; Developing skills and competencies to support and supervise adults with ADHD
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The rapid increase in the number diagnosed with ADHD among adults over the past two decades has raised new focus areas for the Danish ADHD association enabling the board, staff and volunteers to be at service for members and hence all adults with ADHD. The overall mission for the organisation is to create understanding and actual improvement for people with ADHD. The organisation counts 6.500 members, 200 volunteers and 16 people at the national office.The Danish ADHD organisation is continuously involved in several development projects, often in cooperation with other actors. Through projects the ADHD organisation develop knowledge and tools to the benefit of people with ADHD, their relatives and professionals working in the area. The change in marked demands have caused the need for developing new competencies for both management, staff and volunteers within the Danish ADHD organisation and strengthening the capacity is looked upon as a strategic focus area. The projectThe objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity within the Danish ADHD organisations. The organisation has for many years been involved in international work on ADHD and would like to improve this in a systematic way. We have worked internationally to learn from others and support other organisations in the development phase. The organisation finds that an ADHD learning community in Europe is needed to assure that we share our knowledge and support each other in the development of the ADHD area and hence better conditions for people with ADHD.The aim of the projectThe aim is to become better at supporting and supervising adults with ADHD hence increasing their chance of equal integration into education, labour-market and society at large as well as focusing on their personal development and well-being. This will be done through professionalising and raising the capacity of the Danish ADHD organisation and the competences of its staff and volunteers.The objectives• The Danish ADHD organisation wants to become an excellent learning organisation, which provides space for learning and reflection for its staff and volunteers• To develop towards an organisation that understands the negative effects of social discourse and how to empower people to take a stand against these effects• To develop even further towards an organization that is able to address the strengths and qualities of each individual• To ensure relevant communicative and relational competence development of leadership, staff and volunteers as well as recognition of their learning• To raise the quality of trainings offered to adults with ADHD• To raise the quality of counselling/education offered to adults with ADHD by offering the counsellors new knowledge and innovative coaching tools • To build a European community of practice where good practice can be shared and developed together and share knowledge from developed projects across the boarders• To build and strengthen knowledge of European partners for future international activities and improve communication among the relevant partners.Plan for European mobility and cooperation activitiesThe Danish ADHD organisation plans to raise the competences of staff and volunteers through after education courses. Job-shadowing and pilot-testing will follow the courses. This is to start applying the new competences. Finally the project will be ended with a conference focusing on further European cooperation and innovation. The order is specified further in the application. The primary target group is 6 people from the organisation from the board, management, staff and volunteers. The secondary target group is the full organisation consisting of 16 employees, 200 volunteers, 6500 members whereas the strengthened competencies upon finalised courses will be implemented in the organisation in general. The two target groups have the shared focus of bringing the new competencies and learning further on to the adult with ADHD through the creation of methods and supportive tools in areas such as:• Skilled learning • Pro social behaviour• educational attainment• occupational situation• family situationsImpact at the national level – short and long-term perspectiveThe organisation works primarily at a national level and strongly believes that professionalising the work will strengthen the position and image as a professional organisation. Furthermore it will strengthen its image as a professional training and education organisation and it will more frequently be asked to do information work on ADHD and hence improving the lives of people with ADHD.Impact at the international level – long term perspectiveAt the international level a stronger network between European organisations working with adults with ADHD will have been made. Within this network they will• experience higher levels of quality sharing of best practices• formulate quality projects to strengthen shared capacity

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