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Better Language - Better Teachers
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Better language - Better teachers" is the new project realized by the teachers from the International Cooperation Group – the group was qualified to the work in the school year 2014/2015. The Group consists of seven teachers, and its goal is to make the international cooperation with schools within the framework of available European programmes, and to raise the quality of the key-faculties such as speech and social ones of pupils in our school. To reach established goals at first it is necessary to improve the competence within the range of communication in foreign languages at teachers working in our school and the commitment of the greater number of teachers into international projects. The main goal of the project "Better language - Better teachers" is first of all the raise the knowledge of English level, the knowledge of the ICT technology and the recognition of modern methods and forms of the work with pupils for teachers – members of the International Cooperation Group, and also the excitation of the greater motivation to the learning of foreign languages and commitments into projects between European schools at remaining teachers. The increase of faculties of speech, knowledge of ICT technology and modern methods, and new work techniques will permit school to enrich the offer of the educational outpost and will improve the quality of the school work. Five teachers take part in the project . This are the teachers with the different job seniory, different degrees of the promotion , concentrated on the improvement of results of the teaching and also the improvement of their own skills, what gives the school the real chance of modernizing the work and to use the changes in all fields of the teaching and the upbringing. Operations undertaken at the realization of the project are except the foreign departures for the purpose of the participation in courses, also the exchange of ideas and the knowledge with teachers of European countries and getting the experiences which teachers will divide with other school teachers at the end of the mobility, sharing with the knowledge and daily work with pupils who will take advantage equally, what teachers from all advantages of the project. The mobility will be also an opportunity to contact with teachers from other European schools and will promote possible future strategic projects in our school. Teachers who take part in the project will develop their language skills during the English course on A2 level - 2 persons, and develop their knowledge of language fun and games in primary school language teaching during the methodical course for teachers of English - 2 persons, and also they will extend skills and the knowledge from the range of the modern technology during the ICT Skills and Technology Enhanced Learning course - 1 person. Within two years of the realization of the project the school intends to introduce to lessons the methods, the forms and techniques recognized during methodical trainings with pupils in the younger school age, and also to train the cadre from obtained information and skills during courses from the range of modern technologies ICT, so in order they would be able to be used by the greater number of teachers during lessons.The school is going to increase a participation of teachers in taking part in lingual courses in the work on projects e-twinning, and to the commencement of the project in the cooperation with European schools thanks to contacts made by teachers who take part in the mobility. This project in the long term will have also an influence for the better perception of our school through the local community and municipal corporation - will strengthen the position of the school in the environment of Zabrze schools and its perception as school which is developing, which cares for her workers, providing them chances to develop, and giving consequently the chance on the better development of pupils and their family environment.
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