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Better Employment Competencies through Individualized e-training

The global economy is in the middle of the worst financial and economic crisis of the past 50 years, leaving millions of unemployed people. Most affected by the consequences of the crisis remain the already disadvantaged groups – young people and older workers who face complex difficulties in their inclusion in training and reintegration to labour market. Their problems are linked with lack of self-confidence and persistence, lack of suitable job competencies, skills not matching labour market needs. There is a need for a more holistic, individualized and flexible approach in training addressing these complex problems of jobseekers in order to promote more successful inclusion in the labour market.The main project objective was to transform innovative results of JobTool project to the new partners countries in the consortium. The secondary objectives was to develop an innovative training programme and respective materials and tools - interactive software with practical exercises and the following learning materials - Handbook for Jobseekers and Guide for trainers of Jobseekers. All initial project results were achieved successfully. JobAssist was developed in close cooperation of 6 partners from 6 countries. The partnership includes the project promoter - AVSI Polska (PL); the initial project initiator - ECQ Ltd.(BG); a SME service provider and training center for unemployed Promimpresa (IT); an enterprise network specialised in training and work with unemployed FADE(ES), project support and competencies development institute - pro-Competence(DE) and an socially disadvantaged people training and rehabilitation center - STN (IS).As a result of project implementation the JobAssist innovative tool was developed comprising: a Handbook for Jobseekers, a Guide for Trainers of Jobseekers and interactive software with practical exercises. The JobAssist tool was elaborated as an integrated solution, combining the process of counseling, training and job-seeking in a single approach incorporating presence learning with selected features of e-learning. The impact of the project is closely related to the features of the JobAssist tool as a "moderator" for the target groups to transfer their skills and competencies into the new jobs on the labour market. It will reduce the gap between individual skills and skills required by the labour market, contribute to better integration into employment and commitment to lifelong learning.
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