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Betriebspraktikum - London wir kommen!
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PEOPLE – feeling well; USEFULNESS – profiting for life; KNOWLEDGE – learning diversity!We, the teachers of HAK/HTL Freistadt (commercial/technical college) aim at imparting information about and understanding for the above mentioned key words. This is the reason why we have implanted them in our general school principles. The Erasmus+ project enables our students to extend their theoretical knowledge as well as their social skills. An advanced training in the foreign language English is a further benefit of this project. The students’ linguistic skills create a bridge between the world of education and the business community. A positive public image of this project will be guaranteed if this sphere runs smoothly. This is exactly what our general tenets and school principles should reflect. Therefore Erasmus+ is a project which helps us refine the students’ abilities not just theoretically in their lessons, but also practically outside school. The students are supported as PEOPLE, they reap profit and usefulness for their whole life. There is not just the benefit of improving their language skills in English but also the chance to intensify their talents in other spheres. Besides, in these days it is extremely advantageous to list internships in foreign countries in one’s CV. Socialising nationally as well as internationally is a potential means to boost one’s future career. Being put up at host families helps students enhance their cultural understanding and exchange. Particularly London with its multicultural society offers our students an excellent venue for the acquisition of social competences including tolerance, adequate behaviour and attitudes towards foreigners. Additionally the ability to work effectively in a team and to generate sufficient motivation to be open-minded are essential side effects. Such a project does not just benefit the students’ development, it is also offers advantages for the entire school. Informing the public on the school’s homage as well as in local newspapers about the project our students help improve the image of our school ;as experienced in connection with last year’s project. It is every school’s intention to provide optimal tutoring, a step we are sure to come closer to by offering internships to foreign countries and projects such as the above mentioned.In order not miss too many lessons at home during a two-week stay we, i.e. teachers, students and ADC-College, have decided to agree on programme dates, which are partly in the students’ holidays. This year we are especially proud of our numerous students being interested in this project. In return we are hopeful of being granted approval for all students. We are very grateful for such a great European project and are very much looking forward to cooperating effectively in the following years.
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