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Bet on yourself!
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Bet on yourself!" arises as second step of the previous project "Here comes the sun!" - August 2015.The economic and social crisis that Europe is living, is affecting also youth behaviours and attitudes, especially of those with fewer opportunities. The NEET phenomenon is linked with this crisis (youth unemployment) but also with a lack of competences and self-esteem bringing youth to demotivation and consequent lack of a life project. This project intends to face the process of demotivation, sense of failure and social escape, through a motivational path on youth skills empowerment in personal, social and employability field, through experiential tasks and interactive activities.Participants and participating organisations have expressed the need and will to keep on working on these topics after the successfull results of the previous project.OBJECTIVES1. Motivate youth participants on "taking action" and "taking floor"in their lives, through building sense of efficacy and self-esteem (we will work also on story-telling providing and engaging the groups to find real stories of youth who changed their lives exiting from their "comfort-zone");2. Facilitate participants discovering and empowering their "talents", skills and competences in personal,social field and employability (Communication, leadership, conflict management, negotiation, sense of initiative, empathy,..);3. Provide them an experiential learning, as a "training to life", to re-use in daily life;4. Suggest an active attitude towards the problems and search creative solutions which can support them in tackling obstacles in job market, social and personal life; 5. Promote the encounter, the friendship, the exchange among participants with different traditions and cultures to facilitate the constrution of an European Citizenship based on respect, tolerance and inclusion; 6. Develop and spread non formal and informal education methodologies, and competences: Non-formal and informal learning enables young people to acquire essential competences and contributes to their personal development, social inclusion and active citizenship.The Youth Exchange "Bet on yourself!" will take place in Vinci (FI)- Italy, from 31st of July to 9th of August 2016 and foresees 20 participants (more than half- 14- with fewer opportunities) from 15 to 24 years old + 6 Team-leaders + 1 support educator + 1 staff member.The countries involved will be 5: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Turkey.These are the phases of the activity:1. Knowing each other and create team-spirit;2. Cultural acknowledgment and sharing: Examples of youth contrasting apathy and NEET attitude in each of the 5 countries (starting from the preliminary work of the 5 groups: story telling, theatre): discussion and solution on fighting NEET attitude;3. Skills Empowerment: Role-play exercises, games about job competences, communication, problem-solving, negotiation, leadership, teamwork,..;4. Common decision about the “activity”to put in practice in Vinci to involve the citizenship in the “Open Event”; 5. Arranging the "Open Event" activities and the open dinner to share the project results with the local community;6. Evaluation of the exchange and personal evaluation - gained skills; Feed back for the future. Follow up ideas;7. Post exchange Evaluation and material production (Website).METHODOLOGIESWe will use techniques and methods of non-formal education foreseeing also reflection/assessment sessions for ensuring participants learning.The activities will be mainly: Team building games, Role-play, forum theatre, games and exercises on Life skills and team-work, workshops on leadership, communication, problem-solving and negotiation, activities on skills awareness and video CV, good practices sharing, excursions, reflex groups, intercultural evenings and creative actions/activities in the "Open Event". RESULTS AND IMPACT ENVISAGEDWe foresee a deep positive impact on participants, partner organisation and other youth, NGOs and local communities.- Participants will develop an active attitude toward problems and difficulties and get skills and tools to overcome them, self-confidence and motivation and skills. Moreover an intercultural learning and sharing of EU values..- Partner organisations will exchange experiences and work methods for youthwork quality, will strengthen international cooperation and new methods to empower and involve the youth with whom they work, to self-assess the learning outcomes .LONGER TERM BENEFITSIn longer terms we expect benefits for youth in their personal lives and job searching. A new self-awareness on their skills, to face problems, and a new attitude to social participation. Passing these skills to their peers too.For NGOs can be the creation of new projects in partnership, learning from this one and use of results for new ones. EU dimension brought into local communities and added value of European cooperation.
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