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Best Recognition Instruments for the Dialogue between Global Experts : Crossing the bridges between EM National Structures and Naric centres
Start date: Nov 8, 2010,

The goal of the present project is: first of all, to facilitate the dialogue between the Network of Erasmus Mundus National Structures and Naric Centres (National Academic Recognition Information Centres). Each of the five partners of the EMNS~BRIDGE~NARIC project enjoys both the status of EM National Structures and Naric Centres (Estonia, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain). Therefore it will be possible to establish a fruitful collaboration among the Naric network, which will also involve two other networks operating in the field of recognition: the Enic network (European Network of Information Centres) and the Meric network. The former was established by the Council of Europe and Unesco to implement the Lisbon Recognition Convention and, more generally, to develop policies and practices for the recognition of qualification; the latter was launched during the 7th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Mediterranean Recognition Convention in June 2005, to promote information exchange in the Mediterranean Region. Secondly, the project will focus on how much the Enic, Naric and Meric centres know about the Erasmus Mundus Programme and its specific rules. Their relationship with the Erasmus Mundus National Structures will be considered, as well as the approach they use to solve the issues raising from the recognition of Erasmus Mundus qualifications. Main activities The main activities put in place in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives are: - Drafting and sending diversified questionnaires to Erasmus Mundus National Structures and to the Naric, Enic and Meric centres, in order to understand their level of knowledge of the Erasmus Mundus Programme and their understanding of recognition issues; to clarify the relationship among these networks and to assess to which extent each centre is involved in the Erasmus Mundus Programme; - Analysis of Erasmus Mundus case studies in order to assess the main problems related to recognition issues in the different phases of the life of an Erasmus Mundus consortium; - Study visits to Enic and Meric centres in order to get to know the methods applied for the recognition of joint degrees and to make the centres aware of general elements of the Erasmus Mundus Programme in relation to recognition issues. The final output of the project will be a “Handbook on good practices in the recognition process”. A final seminar will be organized to facilitate information exchange among the networks (EM NS, Naric, Enic and Meric) and for the presentation of final results. The target groups of the present project are the following: the Erasmus Mundus National Structures; the Naric, Enic and Meric networks; Higher Education Institutions both in Europe and worldwide and those taking part in the Erasmus Mundus consortia; credential evaluators and student associations, which are the end-users of all joint programmes. WWW:

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