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Best Practice in Multicultural European Institutions

The project will establish an interactive course and best practice manual for nurses and social educators with the aim of promoting lifelong learning and the acquisition of skills for work in a multi-cultural environment. A CD-Rom will be developed (to be downloadable from the internet or encapsulated as part of a "best practice" package) covering three main themes; how to handle conflict with multicultural clients; how to build up trust and co-operation with relatives of multi-cultural clients and how to work with language as an important part of the identity of multi-cultural clients. Course materials will be produced and tested on sample groups within the participating partner countries. The participants will be introduced to the developed materials, with the focus being to introduce the consequences that different actions can have when working in different multi-cultural environments. The target groups will be nurses and social educators, currently working in sectors with multi-cultural client groups. Those contributing to project development will include representatives of both the education sector and the labour market. Dissemination of the project results will be carried out continuously via a dedicated project website and will be summed up by a final project conference.
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