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Best industry practice for Installation Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile

Quality of works throughout the construction process is a pressing economic problem but also a social problem in all countries around the world. Especially the implementation of ceramic tiles lining materials, glass, as well as artificial stone or concrete lining elements. The project meets the requirements of the quality of structures, used technologies and methods of implementation. Manuals complete standards ISO, EN (ISO 13006, CSN EN 11441, CSN EN 53 3451). The proposed project has the support of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians (CCAET), the Association of Building Entrepreneurs, Association of small and medium-sized businesses, the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, but also the Ministry of Industry and Trade to strengthen consumer protection. Silicate Association is an association of manufacturers of silicate products, put together a consortium of partners able to effectively deal with this project plan based on the experience of cooperating partners - Austria and Switzerland. The consortium has a great professional potential, which is involved in several European projects and research activities in the field of construction technology. The consortium members are members of the national and international standardization activities in CEN and ISO. The project contributes to the EU's priority No. 1 The target group are students in the primary education system represented by partners - schools Horni Briza High school - tiles apprentice, and High School of Civil Engineering (HSCE) in Ceske Budejovice in assessing the clarity and feasibility of the proposed practical guides in the form of participation in the implementation of pilot courses. Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of civil engineering, UTE Ceske Budejovice, Slovakien Technical University in Bratislava, which are another part of consorcium. Tile Guild CZ represents artisans from practice, and together with Silicate Union, the beneficiary of the project outputs and promoter of professional information and operates in the field of lifelong learning in the tertiary sector.Outcomes of the project are professional educational materials based on transmission of already processed and tested methods and recommendations that were issued in AT, CH, but also in the U.S., which are the result of a broad consensus for the whole target group. Innovativeness of the project lies in the wide applicability and is the basis for students, also serves as the original user manuals for further lifelong learning (designers, engineers, government and investors). The target group is over 50 thousand people working in this sector. The proposed project will allow training with new handbooks (Handbook No. 1 and No. 2, promoting the project abroad (CZ and partner countries), e-learning and pilot training courses in CZ and SK) increasing the skill levels of construction professions and relatively quick achieve the desired effect.
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