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Bessere Chancen in Bildung und Beruf durch Beratung
Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

Please note that for successful applications this section will be reproduced in compendia etc. as shown below. You should therefore ensure that the application gives a specific overview of the work your consortium plans to undertake including:- the reason for your project; - concise description of the outputs, results and/or products (including where relevant key pedagogical strategies, media used, language versions etc.);- the impact envisaged.The project should be designed to initiate a structured dialogue at national and European level on the topic of training guidance for adults. The particular focus will be on the topics of vocational and further training guidance, while the topics of guidance in schools and student counselling will not be addressed. The project aims to create a dialogue among the project partners and to develop broad outlines for neutral, subject-oriented and provider-independent vocational and further training guidance in the participating countries which would ensure that adequate lifelong learning opportunities are available to everyone. These opportunities should go hand in hand with the provision of guidance available to individuals everywhere, regardless of their social or financial situation, thus enabling optimal design of their individual lifelong learning process. The project thus contributes to the design of training guidance structures in the participating countries and it provides important impetus for a readjustment of each respective national strategy for vocational and further training guidance.Through workshops with experts and conferences in the participating EU Member States, there will be international dialogue, a structured exchange of experience and a deepened learning process (transnational peer-to-peer learning, emerging ‘Community of Practice’ in Europe) among stakeholders from the fields of politics, administration, associations, as well as the social partners and advisers, concerning the design of and the implementation strategy for the training guidance, which will make people aware of these topics and provide impetus for a strategic readjustment.The project will develop guidance on four topics, this will be made available to training guidance practitioners (i.e. vocational and further training advisers and disseminators) and stakeholders in the area of training and it will enable them to call upon and then offer high quality guidance. The topics are:-requirements of subject-oriented vocational and further training guidance; -involvement of the ‘guidance location’ operation; - impetus for an adequate implementation strategy for further training guidance; - the importance of the instruments developed at European level for national training systems and strategies.
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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Transnational cooperation on lifelong learning strategies
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

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