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Berufsbezogene Praktika zum Erwerb europäischer Schlüsselqualifikationen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this project the Friedrich-List-Schule in Darmstadt as the sending organisation and our partner organizations in Spain, France, Ireland and Great Britain are involved. Our target group above all are graduates of commercial assistance qualifications focusing on foreign language management and office management. These management courses are full-time schooling. Sometimes also graduates of dual system qualifications who don’t find any employment after their graduation take part in this project. For example social insurance clerks, IT clerks, office clerks, bank clerks, retail clerks, notary clerks and clerks in public administration. A central target of our project is the better employability on the labour market.This employability however is not given with the majority of the participants before this project. Especially the graduates of full-time schooling courses i.e. graduates of the commercial assistance qualifications have great difficulties in finding a job because they lack work experience, important linguistic and social competences. The planned project is suited for the further education demands of the participants and thus enables them to find a job. Our main target, the good employability of participants on the first labour market is achieved by the acquisition of international competences, foreign language experiences, intercultural knowledge and experiences in the international world of work. Therefore the participants do a 26 or 16 week internship related with their job in a European destination country. They acquire linguistic, intercultural, personal and social skills as well as competences referring to their job without those they would hardly find an adequate job. The requirement of our target group is the further education concerning languages, personality and job specific to increase the employability on the local, national and international labour market. By means of this project the participants achieve a considerable additional value related to their job and personality and after their return it’s a lot easier for them to get a job on the first labour market. Our experienced partner organizations and the work placement enterprises in the destination countries are involved in this project. In Germany we , the Friedrich-List-Schule in Darmstadt, are the sending organization. The Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs officially authorized the sending organization to make it possible that also graduates from other Hessian vocational colleges which are not in a position to carry out such projects to take part in those projects. To promote the demand for further education above all the mobility of young graduates coming from the structure weak regions in East-North and Mid-Hesse is another vital target of the project since in these regions there are only few jobs available catering for the individual commercial qualifications the students have. Consequently the graduates have to be very mobile and very well trained to cope with the requirements on the national and international labour market. We are planning to send 62 participants in two groups, the first in august 2015 and the second in august 2016. The participants will be chosen through a special selection procedure.The planned project consists of 2 modules . First there will be a 2- up to 3-week intensive language course. The language courses are accompanied by an obligatory cultural programme. Afterwards a 13- to 14- week or 23- to 24- week commercial work placement in an enterprise will follow. There the interns get to know the working conditions of the host country and get used to the working environment. The contents of the work placement vary according to the kind of company as well as to the intern’s qualification. However, on the whole they comprise the following aspects of the working world of the specific host country: • getting to know the company and its structure/organization • way of functioning of the office organization • communication structure within the company • IT structures • customer care/documentation/filing etc Owing to the daily work in the companies the interns gain new job experience and get to know the company’s operations and processes. All our partner organizations have got long years’ experiences in carrying out European programmes. By doing so they have great experience in procuring interesting and suitable internships and in looking after the interns. All partner organizations dispose of a big pool of companies who are pleased to work with interns coming from the sending organization.
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