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Berufliche, interkulturelle und sprachliche Kompetenzen durch Mobilität in der Erstausbildung // Deutsch-polnische Kooperation in der beruflichen Bildung
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BISK: The target group of this student mobility project are 20 apprentices who are being taught in the so-called "dual system" of vocational colleges situated in the administrative region of Arnsberg. The applicants' vocational colleges are not offering any internships abroad yet or the specific student's profile does not match the requirements of his or her college's own mobility project. Throughout the duration of the project the apprentices absove a four-week internship abroad, which should at least partly take place in the school holidays so that as few days of school as possible are being missed. In coopaeration with our European partners the apprentices can choose between the following countries: Spain, Slovenia, Finland, Poland and Croatia. Before travelling a one-day preparatory course, held by the staff of our institution, the local govenment in Arnsberg, is mandantory. This seminar focuses on cultural as well as linguistic issues and the management of possible crisis. One central aim of the mobility project lies in the communication in a foreign language, mainly in job-related situations. This does not neccessarily include the official language of the host country as English can be used as a lingua franca. Additionally, getting familiar with foreign markets, people and cultures should be seen as personal gain instaed of a meanace. Last but not least, the development of the own personality is a prime aim of the mobility. Furthermore each apprentice agrees upon an individual learning agreement with his or her college teacher and/or job trainer which correlates with the current curriculum or professional tasks. This learning agreement has to be fulfilled throughout the training abroad. Contentswise it could include a comparision of work procedures in both countries or the investigation of job-related issues. This work should include a presention to be introduced at college and/or the training company after the mobility. DKPBB: The target group of the staff training abroad are eight teachers from vocational colleges that are members of the team AG2 "Deutsch-polnische Kooperation in der beruflichen Bildung" (team 2 "German-Polish cooperation in vocational training"). This project aims at supporting the individual college's strategies for international cooperation, especially with the neighbouring country Poland. On the long run set modules within vocational training shall be acquired at the respective partner college. Certain subject matters shall be enriched by specific know how of the participating companies. This will ensure a qualitiy intensification in vocational training. A workshop focusing on the intercultural and linguistic preparation of the participants will take place before travelling to the Polish partner school. Additionally, the program of the visits will be addressed here: It should focus on getting acquainted with the Polish education system, especially with vocational training, as well as investigating perspective host companies and accomodation for apprentices. Moreover, possible contents of modules within vocational training should be planned. After all participants have returned from their Polish partner school, another workshop of the team AG2 "Deutsch-polnische Kooperation in der beruflichen Bildung" (team 2 "German-Polish cooperation in vocational training") will provide the opportunity for all members of the team to exchange information about the experiences gathered abroad. This will help to optimize the further German-Polish cooperation.
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