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Berufe Global - Global Professions

Our project „BerufeGlobal“ was closely interrelated to the UN World Decade "Education for Sustainable Development". The increasing globalisation requires that employees have a great understanding for complex global relationships – in particular for their own occupational area. Competence for sustainable action is an integral constituent for occupational competence of acting. However, sustainability topics are mostly not yet specifically included in curricula, and the EU-member states have made different progress on that. Development education shall be much more integrated in the VET practice and sustainable anchored in the systems. This was the starting point for our project „Berufe Global“. We work with an innovative methodical approach – occupational area-oriented development education in VET - which was developed and tested in Berlin and was used as Good Practice for transfer in the five partner countries (DE, AT, BE, HU, PL).The aims of the project were:(1) Integration of the concepts of global learning in vocational training for the strengthening of socio-cultural and vocational competences(2) Arrangement of further education for qualified teachers (Global learning in education)(3) Networking of global learning players(4) Awareness raising with regard to the importance of global learning for the economy, for the labour market and for employment(5) Promotion of institutionalisation (curricula, curricula frameworks, tests, training courses, further education)The approach included the development and test of learning and teaching materials and training of multipliers (learning materials for 3-4 occupational areas, available to be used in classroom education and self-learning). In parallel, we worked with stakeholders to strengthen the institutional anchoring in VET-systems and processes. For this, we did also use existing good practice for institution building in European context, being further developed by the partners. We elaborated suggestions for adaptation of curricula, learning contents, exam questions and communicate them to decision makers and supporters. In this respect, the project „BerufeGlobal“ contributes to a sustainable integration of global aspects into occupational competence o acting and consequently to the improvement of quality in VET. The project brought together nine partners from five countries – VET institutions, NROs active in development education, social partners, administration.

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