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BELIEVE — Towards Lifelong Learning in the field of E-learning for the Blind and visually Impaired people by means of an E-Learning Environment

The project aims at( 1) spreading information about the needs for training of visually impaired people in the different countries of the partnership; (2) developing new e-Learning courses integrating speech and appropriate tools for the target group as well as modifying the existing ones in order to make them accessible; (3) making VET institutions aware of the conditions required for participation of visually impaired people to the e.learning based training programmes (4) promoting collaboration between training institutions and associations or organisations devoted to support blind people. -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: Enhancing of equal opportunities of the visual impaired persons through the access to e.learning based programmes of schools and institutions of vocational training is the main goal of the project. A second objective is to provide teachers and trainers with the adequate skills and competencies for modifying the afore-mentioned programmes. The activities deal with (1) an investigation focusing the existing good practices as well as the specific problems and needs of the target groups, that will be developed through the Countries of the partnership, (2) The running of a pilot to support realistic e-courses in the field of e-learning (3)a dissemination campaign, aimed at promoting the outcomes of the project, but first of all at a growing awareness of the still existing consistent obstacles that prevent an integration of blind persons in the educational and vocational training systems -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: The expected deliverables: (1) a web based e-Learning environment for the Blind and Visually Impaired people adapted to them via the integration of the speech in the navigation, (2)special interfaces for the access to the existing e-contents; (3) new electronic contents (4)an authoring tool to assist the teacher of special education in creating accessible e-learning objects; (5)a module of self evaluation, (6) the Web portal as a means of communication between the partners and the diffusion of the project interim and final results. -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: Extension of the project outcomes to Countries different ftom those of the current partnership
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