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BeLearning: environments for expanding knowledge

BeLearning used new technologies through a blend training combining meeting, working and researching involving virtual spaces, digital tools and online platforms in a rich mix of interactions with traditional media: presentations, workshops, classes. Training actions have had a clear impact in the development of derived competences to improve the employability of cultural practitioners or students in one of the most active sectors in EU growth and competitiveness in 2020 horizon: cultural and creative industries. Transfer happened amongst the consortium target: grass-roots associations leaders in the way of professionalism (UK), teachers of adult education (BE) and audiovisual learners in vocational training in an institution inside the national educational system (FR). Partners dealt with similar characteristics: lack of digital skills, inexperience in open learning processes, possibility of immediate application and transfer into the current activities or the organizations, urban contexts and demand for innovation, and the promotion of innovation via new learning methods.General aim of the project has been to transfer BeLearning in order to be used all over the European Union to expand the employability possibilities of learners via the acquisition of a mix of digital, educational and social competences.Specific achieved objectives:- the adaptation of the blended model developed in Spain, to social entrepreneurs in North London in the UK, teachers of adult education and vocational training in Brussels and audiovisual learners in France and to readjust the previous model, making it more efficient, to cultural managers in Spain- the local, national and at European level impact thanks to the results obtained through the experimentation done in each of the participating organizations.- new job opportunities in the frame of each of the sectors involved in the 4 countries- the creation of productive ties with employers, clients and other educative institutions in the sectors of referenceActivities has been the creation of a methodological guide for transferring, adaptable to different context, the running of 4 tests for implementing it, an International Transfer Conference and 4 national seminars. Impact has come from: - use of BeLearning methods and contents in the current pedagogic life of partner institutions- change of mind and attitudes about the possibilities of expanded use of new technologies applied to training- a "corpus" of methods, contents, strategies, materials and real and successful practices available in the methodological guide and ready to be use immediately- a set of workshops developed, open and free, to national and EU VET Community in accessible languages.

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