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Being Human is living for others
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled “Being Human is living for others” was carried out as a 9-day trilateral youth exchange in Sława (7 days by the Sławskie lake) and Głogów (2 days) by three youth groups from Spain, Slovakia and Poland. The aim of our project was to implement our passions, use the gifts, talents and to experience how it is to live for others. As a result, we learnt how to cooperate on an international level so that we could experience how to serve a fellow human being. Our exchange was a tool by which the participants created positive attitudes towards other men regardless of age, nationality or religion. It showed us but also, on the last two days, people around us and those invited to the International Picnic, families from Głogów with their children that an attitude aimed at helping others can make our life easier and lead to incredible self-satisfaction and a feeling of a job well done. In addition, the way finished our exchange, which was the last two days in Głogów, we drew the attention of the local community, children, their parents and all our friends to the fact that such attitude toward life as living for others according to the evangelical principle of love, is more beautiful and much more effective, and to us as participants brought satisfaction of well-used gifts and talents that each of us has. The project involved teamwork, preparation and carrying out a series of workshops which equipped young people to be able to present the value of help to others. The following actions were used for the implementation of the project: drama, film and music workshops, lectures, chats, group work and discussions. As a result of these actions, participants, on one hand, will developed their passions and interests by taking part in workshops they themselves prepared and, on the other hand, they experienced selfless actions on behalf of a fellow human being. Each of us became more sensitive to the needs of people in their neighbourhood and also we got to know tools we may use to reach out to those people. The tools included film, drama, music and sports games. During the entire project we worked first in the national groups of our countries, then in teams responsible for each part of the program, sharing responsibilities so that each of us could experience the impact one may have by one’s own commitment. Participants chose in which workshops they wanted to participate so that everyone could get involved according to their interests. During the activities, we used practical methods, workshops, exercises, but we also discussed the topic of “Being Human is living for others” seeking answers to the question of why life focused on others is worth pursuing. Our discussions were carried out on the foundation of the Gospel and everyone’s own experience. The actions of the project lead to the creation of the International Family Picnic in cooperation with local organisations and to the making of audiovisual materials i.e. presentations, videos and a drama which resulted from the group workshop of the first days of exchange. An additional result of the project was an improvement of teamwork skills, getting to know new cultures and history. Also they realized that when working together there are no cultural, religious or social barriers. Each participant went home with a conviction how unique everyone is and how much creative they can

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