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Being Active Building Passive Houses for Future Europe

SUMMARYOur Partnership concerns five partners from four countries: Ebersteinska gymnasiet in Norrköping (Sweden), Plåtslageriernas Riksförbund (Sweden), Knobelsdorff-schule in Berlin (Germany), Les Compagnons du Devoir in Paris (France) and FAS in Dublin (Ireland). The coordinator of the Partnership is Ebersteinska gymnasiet. Plåtslageriernas Riksförbund is an employer organisation for sheet metal workers, and the other partners are vocational training organisations and vocational secondary schools. The Partnership concerns the Construction Programme.In this partnership we wanted to highlight and analyse a very important issue: how to build houses using less energy. We are especially interested in passive houses and we wanted to compare the construction of passive houses in the different countries. It is also important to involve these aspects in the education of construction workers. We believe that we can learn from each other and we wanted to compare how we deal with environmental considerations in the construction business and also in the education in the different countries. There is a need for more attention to these matters in the education of our pupils in all four countries. During the first year of the partnership staff from the schools, training organisations and construction companies collected knowledge about environmentally friendly methods of construction from the experts (our silent partners) in the different countries. They also compared curricula and educational systems and how to integrate this knowledge into the curriculum. Furthermore they discussed the possibility to facilitate apprenticeship in another country. Also during that year we formed a group of trainees with three representatives from each country, who travelled to the different countries to learn about the construction of passive houses. Among other things they built a model of a passive house.The project ended with a conference in Sweden.

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